AOA’s Seolhyun Writes A Sweet Thank-You Letter To Her Fans!


On 4th January, a day after her birthday, Seolhyun posted a video, along with a thank-you letter to her fans on her Instagram to express her gratitude and appreciation for their support.

안녕하세요 설현입니다. 생일 때마다 이렇게 글을 쓰게 되네요. 저의 행복을 위해서 도와주신 많은 분들을 위해서 글로나마 감사한 마음을 전하려고 합니다. 올해 생일은 바쁜 것과는 무관하게 많은 분들의 사랑 속에 생일을 보내게 돼서 눈물 나게 행복합니다 작년 한 해는 정말 많이 행복했고, 또 정말 많이 아팠어요. 그 덕분에 더욱 성숙해질 수 있었다고 생각합니다. 그리고 행복했던 기억들은 오늘을 더 힘차게 살아가는 힘이 됐습니다. 나 자신에 대한 실망감과 자책감이 들더라도 못난 저를 위해서 항상 고생해주시고 응원해 주시는 분들을 보면 힘들어할 시간도 사치란 생각이 들었습니다. 제가 할 수 있는 건 열심히 하는 거 밖에 없더라고요. 항상 열심히 하는 설현이가 될게요!! 저에게 존재만으로 힘이 된다고 말해주는 분들..!! 저는 그분들의 존재만으로 힘이 되네요(๑و•̀Δ•́)و 그런 의미로 올해는요, 저의 행복도 중요하지만, 이 세상에 행복한 사람이 많아졌으면 좋겠습니다. 제가 많은 분들로 인해서 감사함을 느꼈듯이 많은 분들이 행복할 수 있도록 돕는 사람이 되고 싶어요. 새해 복 많이 받으시고 행복하세요!! 감사합니다.

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The post translates as follows:

“Hello everyone, this is Seolhyun here. I write a letter to my fans each year on my birthday. I’m writing this in hopes of conveying my gratitude towards those who have cheered me on.

“Regardless of how busy I was, I’m deeply grateful to have been able to spend my birthday this year while receiving so much love.

“In 2016 I was extremely happy, but I also went through many hardships. I think I was able to grow as a result of those experiences, and the happy memories have become a part of what pushes me to live on with energy. When I was filled with guilt and disappointment about myself, I would think about the people who work hard for me and cheer me on. It was then that I realized that being negative is a waste of time, and I should just do my best to thank those people. I’m going to work really hard!! To everyone telling me that my existence is a source of energy for them, your existence is my source of energy too!

“That’s why this year, as important as my own happiness is, I also want there to be more happy people in the world. Just like all those people I’ve been grateful for, I want to be someone who can help others become happy. Happy New Year, and I wish you all happiness! Thank you.”