TWICE Drops More Teasers For Upcoming New Album ‘Merry&Happy’

TWICE will be returning with their new album ‘Merry&Happy‘!

The upcoming album is a repackage album of their first full-length album ‘Twicetagram.’ The album will contain a total of 15 tracks, including the title ‘Heart Shaker,’ a Christmas carol ‘Merry&Happy,’ two new songs and the tracks from their first album. TWICE’s carol song ‘Merry&Happy’ is said to be written by JYP himself.

Check out the Teasers below

[gallery ids="31051,31054,31052,31053"]


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TWICE also dropped the music video teaser clip for ‘Heart Shaker.’ Check out the teaser video below!

The album will be released on December 11 at 6 p.m.,