[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with K-tigers !

Taekwondo, KPOP and a whole bunch of talent! K-TIGERS are in the house!

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The Korean Tigers Taekwondo demonstration team popularly known as K-TIGERS was established in the year 1990 with a vision to spread the art of TAEKWONDO around the globe. Today , K-TIGERS is the leading Taekwondo demonstration team in Korea and they have also been performing as well as participating for competitions across the world. What sets the team apart from other Taekwondo demonstration teams is the mixing of K-POP songs into their art and making it fun and interesting not only for the viewers but also for the team to enjoy, while they practice or perform.

The Korea festival 2015 in Delhi started off with such a positive response and as we came to DAY-2 to witness the festival , our hearts were saddened with the thought that this would soon be over. But we were soon pumped up watching K-Tigers perform on stage and right after they finished their performance we sat down for a quick chit-chat.

By the time we settled our equipment’s for the interview , the location was buzzing with fans just to get a quick glimpse of K-Tigers  and we had a hard time settling them down. It was definitely only their talent that made this possible! not their good looks

Read on and find out what they have to say about India and more.

DKPOP INDIA: This is your first time in India. What was your first impression on India ?
K-TIGERS: When I first came to India , it was very different from what I heard.
(Jun Hee) – It is actually very clean and way better.

DKPOP INDIA: How did the idea of mixing K-POP and Taekwondo come about ?

K-TIGERS: Even though our field is from Taekwondo background , we decided to mix (Seung Yeon) – K-POP to Taekwondo so that we can get closer to the general audience as KPOP is widely popular and hence  have fun together.

DKPOP INDIA: How different is performing in India in comparison to other countries ?

K-TIGERS(JH): Because of Hallyu wave, K-POP is getting so much attention. We didn’t have a lot of expectations before coming here but after coming here even yesterday and today, K-POP fans were so passionate and we could feel when we were performing. It was beyond our imagination so, we found the passion really amazing and fascinating. Also, Indian fans liked us so much and as we mentioned earlier because we mix K-POP and Taekwondo we felt that the audience enjoyed so much more. I can even say that the fans here were more passionate than other countries.

DKPOP INDIA: You just came from your US tour. Tell us about your most memorable moment?

K-TIGERS (SY): We performed in the famous Times Square in New York. We performed twice in a day so we had a lot of free time  and we went around the city and because we stayed near Times Square we liked roaming about in that area. There was a lot to see so we really enjoyed going around.

DKPOP INDIA: What kind of response were you expecting from India ? Was the response up to your expectation?

K-TIGERS (JH): As said before we didn’t have much expectation before coming here. We even spoke to our representative and we heard that there are around 30-40,000 taekwondo players in this country  which is comparatively very small when we see the population in India. We didn’t know how we will be received here but the end result was beyond our expectations. The crowd was cheering so much for us and even shouted for ENCORE so,we really liked it a lot.

(He was so excited when he said it that he kept repeating and stretching on the word ‘like’)

DKPOP INDIAHas anyone of you watched Bollywood movies? If given a role, would you be interested in it?

K-TIGERS: (They were discussing among themselves becuase they couldn’t remember the movie name)

Yang Yoon – we watched 3 IDIOTS and we liked it.(Everyone nodded in agreement)

Jun Hee Not that you will get any role to play but what role you want to play ?

Rest of the members – Stop teasing us !

Jun Hee We don’t mind any roles but since we are Taekwondo players, if we are given action roles we will do our best in it.

D-KPOP INDIADo you wish to come back to India if you were given another opportunity?

K-TIGERS (together) – OF COURSE .

Jun Hee – We really like it here.

D-KPOP INDIA: Message to Indian fans.

K-TIGERS (JH)  – ( Assures ) I will end it very well, you start it. Oppa will handle after  that.

SY Thank you for loving K-tigers and showing lots of interest in us. We will do our best in future and will come to India quite often.

JH – The Taekwondo students in India are putting their best effort to make Taekwondo popular so I hope it is well known soon.I hope there will be a time when we can all enjoy our show together. Even K-Tigers are working hard and doing our best so please show a lot of love and support to us as well the Taekwondo students in India. Thank you!

kpop india {kpop-india}[EXCLUSIVE] Interview with K-tigers !k tigers


The K-Tigers team were so friendly and lively even though we had the interview right after their performance,they did not complain or showed any sign of being tired when we asked them for a group shoot. They were even so excited to pose for a short video and they kept saying they really liked India and that they would come back soon!

Well, we must say, a job well done to all the audience who kept cheering for them till the end especially the K-POP fans present there! You guys have definitely left a big impact in their hearts!

We thank the K-Tigers Team for this wonderful interview and we wish them even more success. Let’s all keep cheering for them so that they come back to India soon!

Translator- KIM JISU & PADMA