Kevin of ZE:A does a flawless cover to Linkin Park’s ‘In The End’

ZE:A Kevin's amazing cover to Linkin Park's "In the End"


We all know what a beautiful voice Kevin of ZE:A has, and he proves it yet again by doing a flawless cover to Linkin Park’s classic piece In the End.

Now who does not remember American rock band Linkin Park’s In the End released in October 2001.It is one of the most popular number from Linkin Park after “One Step Closer.” Kevin who also hosts the popular show ‘Hot Beat’ on Arirang Radio recently did a cover to In The End on the show and must we say he blew us off. Even though ‘In the End’ is a rock track, Kevin did full justice to the song striking all the notes perfectly, showcasing his versatility. Boy, this guy is surely under-rated for his skills.He definitely needs a solo album.

Don’t listen to us!! Go check out the cover yourself (below) and tell us what you think. The guy undoubtedly left us screaming for more!!!

To watch out more such covers and listen to DJ Kevin, tune in to his radio show ‘Hot Beat’ on Arirang Radio every night from 12am – 2am (KST) that is 8:30pm – 10:30pm (IST) here. You can also leave him messages on the program’s Message board as he is known to read all messages on the show.

ZE:A J visited India earlier this year as judges for K-Pop Contest 2015 and country’s first ever Kpop Concert held in New Delhi before members Minwoo and Tae-heon’s enlistment. The above cover will leave you reminiscing the moments we had spent with ZE:A J and we hope all the ZE:A boys visit us really soon!!

ZE:A released a compilation album of 28 tracks with title track ‘Continue’ on September 15th this year especially for the fans. With Minwoo and Tae-heon in the army right now, the other members are busy with their solo projects.


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