Lucky J’s comeback confirmed for January 8!

Lucky J to drop comeback single on January 8


Lucky J (럭키제이) was earlier confirmed for  a comeback in January 2016 and YMC Entertainment has now released the information while confirming that the hip hop trio are all set to make their comeback on January 8!

Fans are ecstatic to hear this development as the last that was heard from the trio was when they debuted in 2014 with their digital single “Can You Hear Me/들리니“.

The trio consisting of consisting of Jessi (제시), J’Kyun (제이켠) and J-Yo (제이요) will be dropping their new single at midnight KST on January 8 and the song is reportedly something which all the three members worked on! Fans are expecting something pretty amazing considering how talented they are!

Lucky J will also be performing on ‘M! Countdown’ on January 7th prior to their official comeback!

Stay tuned for more!


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