10 MVs to Watch This Valentine’s Days


Whether single or in a relationship, nobody could fall out of love with LOVE. This Valentine’s Day we give you 10 hand-picked music videos to watch and enjoy while getting in the mood of love.

“No Other” – Super Junior


The 10 years old song still remains as one of the best and sweetest love proposal song of K-pop. The music video showcases the members’ charismatic side while preparing to propose the girl they like. Accompanying the aesthetically pleasing video, the lyrics are written in a way to melt anyone, who gets to listen to the melody. The lines sing, “There’s no one like you,” calling out to their fans and making them feel more special and loved. Apart from the sweet track, fans of today also get a chance to revisit the shy and blushing young boys, who have an entire legacy behind them today.

“Hello” – SHINee


With gentle keyboard notes, the upbeat song begins narrating the feeling of being in love for the first time. The lyrics express the excitement and nervousness of confronting the loved one. With soft verses, catchy chorus and lively choreography, the track soon become a favourite from the very first listen. As the members sing, “How did you start love? People who have loved, please tell me,” the viewers tend to aww at the innocence of then debuted act. The mild moving plot in the video ends abruptly for the fans to discover and develop the story.

“My First and Last” – NCT Dream


Following the steps of sunbae, SHINee’s “Replay,” the youngest act of SM Entertainment brought in the concept of noona sarang in their first single. The retro-style influenced music stays prominent in the listener’s mind and also reminiscences the days of Michael Jackson. The music video is bright with colours and thoroughly enjoyable watching the boys goof around to express love to their teacher. The shots capture the honest feelings of the boys’ puppy love, as they sing, “I’ll swear upon the rest of my life. There won’t be another you, you’re my last.” Adding up to the lyrics and music video, the members should be appreciated as actors to keeping the plot lively and fun.

“Confession Song” – GOT7


Either it is Christmas or Valentine’s Day, GOT7’s “Confession Song” makes sure to be on the list. As the title of the song suggests, the song sings the anxious feel before confessing love. The music video compiles different clipping of members helping out students to get along with their crushes. The sweet and delightful music video stays rich till date with its grand ambience and cheerful mood. The lyrics are equally sweeter with a catchy chorus, which makes the track as one of the most favourites of ahgases. Above all, whether an IGOT7 or not, anybody smile and wish for a moment like this in real life too.

“Gee” – Girls’ Generation


Moving on to girl’s point of view of being in love, we have Girls’ Generation’s one of the hit singles, “Gee.” The peppy and addictive song describes a handsome lover, as the members as pretty mannequins come to live after midnight singing and dancing. The song is also blessed with an attractive music video shot in a boutique setting, as the members dazzle with various outfits. Along with the popularity of the single, the iconic move for the chorus, “Gee, Gee,” became a hit, as many idols still cover the song and consider it to be an honour. The synchronized choreography and harmonious vocals being the admirable trait of the group, once again complimented for this single.

“Just One Day” – BTS


Despite numerous numbers of hit singles, “Just One Day” has always been a treasure and personal to the ARMY. With gentle instrumentals, the members plead for just one day to treat their lover as their woman. Similar to the simplicity of the song, the music video is shot is a blank white background, as members dressed in uniforms perform the graceful choreography. The verses sound even more intimate, as Suga himself wrote down the lyrics that genuinely sing, “Just one day if I can be with you.  Just one day, if I can hold your hands,” pleasing and comforting every listener. And because of the lines deeper meaning, the song stays and will stay inevitable in the hearts of the fans.

“Dream” – Suzy & Baekhyun


The heavenly duo, Suzy and Baekhyun blessed the fans with a pretty melody, “Dream.” The sweet melody sings about being in a happy relationship yet with little doubts and worries. Love is all about happiness and overcoming every little hurdle that is exactly the theme of the ballad. With honeyed vocals both vocalists grace the track, pleasing every listener. As for the music video, the shots are elegant and aesthetically appealing. On the whole, the song is a delightful listen as it gratifies our expectations to the fullest.

“Man In Love” – INFINITE


“Man In Love” is another bright and cheerful song on the list that express the feelings of a man being in love. The music video captures the moments of the members figuring out different ways to impress their loved one. The sweet visuals and cheerful mood of the members keep the mood of the audience in a happier note, bringing out a genuine smile. Along with the inviting music video the lyrics sound appealing as it universalizes man’s perspective of love by singing, “When a man’s in love, he wants to stay by your side. There’s always so much he wants to do for you.” As the song fits perfectly in the playlist to stir up a romantic mood.

“Would you stay for Tea?” – Hello Venus


Unlike other usual love songs, the single expresses a strong feeling of liking. The lyrics sing, “I can’t even say it because I’m the girl. Stupid boy, silly boy, I can’t wait any longer. Today I will be courageous and tell you,” as the members take a bold stand to secure their love.  The colourful and bright music video adding up to the cheerful track making it one of the best singles of the group.

 “Let Me Love U” – WayV


WayV being the newest sub-unit of NCT debuted in 2019 and has already scored a prominent place in the industry.  The song from their first digital album requests on giving an opportunity for the members to love their fans. With guitar stringing the mellow tune, the members harmonize together with the sweet lyrics on love. Being a b-sidetrack, the song has a self-filmed music video.  The fun-loving members film the video in various perspectives keeping the audience engaged and entertained throughout the music video. The sweet gestures of singing, “Let me love you, love you. You’re so wonderful,” fills the heart of the listeners and make them instantly fall for the lovely boys.

Every day is a day of love and on this Valentine’s Day let us make our loved ones and ourselves feel special by letting us reflect on the importance of love.

Which music video is your favourite Valentine’s Day listen? Let us know through your comments.


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