100% Confirms That Changbum Has Left The Group

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On 12th September, through an official statement, TOP Media revealed that idol group 100% will regroup and make a comeback as a five-member group in October, after the withdrawal of member Changbum.

The statement said,

“Hello. This is TOP Media.

We thank the fans who have loved 100% for a long time.

First, we are announcing that 100% will be promoting from now on as a 5-member group with Minwoo, Rokhyun, Jonghwan, Chanyong, and Hyukjin.

Changbum talked and considered for a long time with the label and the members, and decided that he will not be with the group from this promotion forward. This is a decision that he came to after a long consideration, so all the members decided to support Changbum even though he will not be with 100% from now on, and Changbum will be supporting 100% in their future promotions as well.

Currently, 100% is working hard on a new album to come back in October. We will make another announcement later on album release, comeback, and promotions. Please show a lot of support to 100%, who will be coming back soon with a new album, and Changbum. Thank you.”


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