2015 MAMA getting bigger and bigger with line ups this year


2015 MAMA countdown has already begun 30 days ago and the line ups are getting bigger and bigger!


Next it has been announced that 4 contestants of “Unpretty Rapstar 2” and “Show Me The Money 4” combined  will be having a collaboration stage .  Though it has not been confirmed it has been surfacing around that Contestants from “Unpretty Rapstar 2”  Truedy and Yezi and “Show Me the Money 4” Basick and Lil Boi will be on the stage together for 2015 MAMA. And well thats a big treat for the Korean hip-hop fans !

The  Mnet Asian Music Awards popularly known as MAMA has also released latest video clip of IKON where the members look all excited while Kim Jin Hwan mentions , “I still can’t believe we are performing so it is like i am living in a dream right now”.

With MAMA which is considered as one of the biggest stage has been having idols such as Ailee , Jessi , BTS,GOT 7 , CN BLUE , TWICE, BTOB , N FLYING, MONSTA X to name a few are in video clips which show the no. of days for 2015  MAMA  to be held.

Watch NFlying and BTS countdown for 2015 MAMA here :


The top in the K-Town will all be  in attendance for 2015 MAMA and it’s going to be one big stage enough to sway the fans into spazzland for a year  till the next MAMA . K-idols like PSY, BIGBANG, iKON, Park Jin Young, GOT7, Shinee, Pet shop boys,BTS, Zion.T, f(x) have so far been confirmed for attending the awards.

 2015 MAMA will be held on December 2nd at Hong kong.
Santa do you hear me ? I need Hongkong tickets !