2NE1 gives a surprise comeback at MAMA 2015

Things got hotter at CL's stage at MAMA 2015 when 2NE1 made a surprise comeback with member Bom who have not been making public appearances for a long time.


For all blackjacks watching MAMA 2015, things definitely got better for them!

It was no surprise to see ‘CL’ perform at the MAMA 2015 as she was one of the confirmed acts but the crowd went crazy  and the fans streaming it live, when suddenly 2NE1 got on stage along with Bom to sing their hit songs ‘Fire’ and ‘I am the Best’. The leader definitely did not let anyone down as she shared her stage with her group.

2NE1 member Bom has not been seen on the news lately because of the controversy that she was involved with. Her last appearance was on the TV Show, ‘Roommate’ where she made an exit right after the controversy surfaced.

When YG announced a comeback last month, it was speculated that it was of 2NE1 but however it did not turn out to be and this definitely made the blackjacks worry because of Bom’s non appearance for months, Minzy’s removal of the word ‘2NE1’ from her personal IG account, Dara being active as an actress and CL’s international debut. This thus resulted in many rumors about 2NE1’s disbandment however, things definitely looks better with all the members of 2NE1 coming together and performing at MAMA 2015.

Inspite of so many song choices, 2NE1 went with their debut days songs and the titles definitely seems apt. 2NE1 has definitely got the ‘FIRE’ in them and they portrayed the ‘I am the best’ bit when they performed. Their wardrobe was inspired from their last promotion of the ‘Crush’ album.

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2NE1 at MAMA 2015
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2NE1 music card available with the 2NE1 Crush Japanese Album

Blackjacks, how are you feeling? Because we definitely had goosebumps when we saw 2NE1 on stage! Album or not, this was definitely a comeback for 2NE1 standing on stage together after such a long period of time and what better place to have a comeback stage than at MAMA! And well, this just could mean that we might have a album comeback as well!

Check out the fierce performance of the 2NE1 leader CL performing her hit singles and 2NE1 joining her on stage!



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