2PM Junho bagged the role for the next tvN drama!

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2PM‘s Junho is all set to appear in next tvN drama,Memories!

“Memories” is a story of a lawyer,Park Tae SeokĀ who has been diagnosed with Alzheimer. It is a story of his final fight against time before he loses all his memories. Even though he knows he has less time, he takes up his final case in hope to win it for the one last time. In the process,he discovers the essence of life and how much he loves his family. The role of the Park Tae Seok is played by the veteran actor Lee Sung Min.

Meanwhile, Junho is to play the role of the hoobae lawyer,Jung Jin, who assists Park Tae Seok. Jung Jin is projected as a student, who graduated on top of his class in the law school, but still he’s not welcomed among the other lawyers. He has a lot of negative personality in him. But Park Tae Seok takes him under his guidance. Initially, both the characters bicker a lot as brothers and later on they become close to each other.

Junho has earlier acted for the movie,Twenty. He received a lot of praise for his acting. Now fans are waiting for this drama so that he can show his acting ability again.

Memory is the next venture from PD Park Chan-hong who has Devil,Resurrection and Shark on his resume. Memories is set to follow the detective-crime thriller,Signal. The filming starts in January and will premiere in March as a Friday-Saturday drama.

Are you looking forward to this drama? What are your expectations?




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