Yes! It’s here, almost here!

Gear up all you “HOTTEST”s out there, 2PM‘s comeback album is just days away.

The hottest 2PM boys are back this time with their comeback album “Gentleman’s Game.” 

This will be their first album after the release of “No.5″  last year.

Over the span of this week the boys teased the fans with a set of teaser photos (very HOT), track list, music video teaser and now with the album spoiler medley.

Here’s all of the above mentioned for you.

*TRACK LIST 2pm_1473433345_1 {kpop-india}2PM TO PLAY A “GENTLEMEN’s GAME”!2PM 1473433345 1

The list here says many of the songs were composed by the members themselves! Well, this gives us another reason to look forward of the album!

* “Promise (I’ll be)”  Video Teaser

* Album Spoiler

* Teaser Images
Here’s some absolutely swoon worthy individual images of the members for you.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}2PM TO PLAY A “GENTLEMEN’s GAME”!14257445 1130540523674668 2849343005394767048 o 1024x1024

The boys will have a live broadcast session on Naver’s V APP on 12th of September and the album “Gentlemen’s Game” will be released online and offline on September 13.

The boys appeared on “SNL Korea 8” on 10th of September and treated the fans 2PM with a preview of their album’s title track “Promise (I’ll Be).”

So what do you songs think of the song? Like it or Love it?


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