2PM’s Nichkhun Flaunts His Perfect Boyfriend Looks for ‘Singles’!

Read on find out what Nichkhun has to say about his 'Nice Boy' image!


I am 29 now and will be 30 soon and I think it’s boring to be just nice at my age!”, says 2PM’s Nichkhun in his latest pictorial for “Singles” magazine!

Nichkhun was recently in his hometown Thailand for the photoshoot and he gives you a perfect way to beat the heat in the hot summer while still looking cool! He is seen pulling off a perfect model look with an open dark blue shirt with matching shades in one photo while he deliciously takes a bite of an ice cream in another photo!

When asked about his acting plans, Nichkhun said he wants to pursue his acting career in Korea but he is taking his own time now and not pushing anything. He also added that he wants to do a role that is similar to his own character and he strongly believes that his time will come if he continues to work hard.

Nichkhun also added that he usually speaks out if he does not like anything and he does not care about his ‘nice boy’ image much and sometimes, people take him wrong for the same reason. Speaking about his passion for golf, Nichkhun stated that when he plays golf, he focuses on himself and the game and forgets about everything else. “Likewise, I have decided to focus on what I love and want to achieve in my life”, he added.

Check out the photos from the photoshoot below and let us know if Nichkhun won your hearts all over again with his hot looks!

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Anybody’s life goals changed to ice cream?  *wink


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