Song Joong Ki Meets 4,000 Fans in Thailand


Song Joong Ki‘s “2016 Asia Tour Fan Meeting” began on April 17 and most recently, he met his fans in Thailand.

This is the actor’s first time back in Thailand after a span of four years and therefore was very excited to meet his fans. A huge number of fans patiently waited for him at the airport and cheerfully welcomed him. He also greeted fans with a bright smile and waved back. Check out some of the pictures from the airport below!

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}Song Joong Ki Meets 4,000 Fans in ThailandSong Joong Ki 7

On May 7, the fan meet began soon after the press conference. The event’s venue  was completely filled by 4,000 fans and despite the language barrier, the fans were happy to interact with the star. Even the actor was overwhelmed at the great response and seemed happy to be able to spend quality time with his fans. At the end of the fan meet, each fan also got a chance to shake hands with the heartthrob!

Have a glimpse of the press conference and the fan meeting!

Let’s hope that Song Joong Ki will bring his fan meeting tour to India too!


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