Former 4MINUTE Member Sohyun Selling Group’s Merchandise


Kwon Sohyun, the maknae of the recently disbanded group 4MINUTE, was recently spotted selling merchandise of the group.

DKPop India  {kpop-india}Former 4MINUTE Member Sohyun Selling Group’s MerchandiseScreen Shot 2016 08 04 at 00

With 4minute over as the rest of the members except for Hyuna did not renew their contracts with Cube Entertainment, fans were initially taken aback by Sohyun’s actions.

A few days ago, the singer posted two photos on her personal Instagram with the the tags, “#BACKTOTHEMARKET.” In the updates, she revealed that she will be selling most of her old stuff from 4minute and signed merchandise in a flea market.

DKPop India  {kpop-india}Former 4MINUTE Member Sohyun Selling Group’s Merchandise4minute 1453524580 af org
4MINUTE (L to R: Gayoon, Jiyoon, Hyuna, Jihyun, Sohyun)

Although the posts initially sparked concern towards the former 4minute member to her recent whereabouts and activities, it turned out that she was simply selling the goods for charity. Sohyun maintained a casual approach despite her recent departure from Cube Entertainment.

Meanwhile, 4MINUTE’s last and final comeback was with “Hate”, earlier this year:


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