4Minute Starts this Valentine’s Month with ‘Hate’ – MV REVIEW


4Minute starts this 2016 with ‘Hate’! ‘Hate’ is an EDM hip-hop track complimented with strong vocals. This track is co-composed by DJ Skrillex, Seo Je Woo, and Song Young Jin.

The production throughout the song is brilliant and you can hear how stunning and appealing their vocals are as well as see their cool gangster impressions.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}4Minute Starts this Valentine’s Month with ‘Hate’ – MV REVIEW4minute 21

The MV begins with Gayoon wearing clothing similar to a wedding dress in what looks like a garden with bright red roses, she sings about how all she can see in her love’s eyes are lies perhaps showing betrayal right before the big day?

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}4Minute Starts this Valentine’s Month with ‘Hate’ – MV REVIEWCZ5azPrUUAATKtd

The rose falls from her hand and the song transitions oh so perfectly to a desert setting where we can see Hyuna looking edgy and effortless as ever and singing about how everything is now over, how this love was futile and hate is all that’s left.

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Then we see Jihyun among trees draped with red colored yarn singing how there is no use of going further in this relationship.

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This soft, ballad like song transitions into a bold, hip hop track with Sohyun’s pre-chorus verses that gets our hearts racing leading to a bad ass beat drop chorus with trumpets and what not! The slow track transitions into an angry outburst that was probably built up due to a pointless relationship that lead to their hearts being filled with disgust, bitterness and pure hatred.

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}4Minute Starts this Valentine’s Month with ‘Hate’ – MV REVIEW4minute 1453871581 4minute22

Their transition from fragile to strong is not only felt through the changing music but also through their complete change of style of the outfits. The girls with bandanas over their heads in white overalls looked tough and rebellious with their “I DON’T GIVE A DAMN” attitude.

We see Jiyoon, Oh those impressive dance moves! Totally loved it!

KPOP INDIA {kpop-india}4Minute Starts this Valentine’s Month with ‘Hate’ – MV REVIEW4minute hate

There are many shifts of settings like Jihyun in the bath tub and Gayoon in a red dress in a room draped with red cloth!

The MV shows both their soft charms and fierce charisma. All the member get to shine throughout the MV. I think the overall feel of the song and MV is really cool and there’s surely a lot of ‘RED’ in the MV did you notice?

The chorus somewhat feels similar to that of their last title track “Crazy” which was absolutely loved by all the fans. Even the Dance steps in the chorus kind of remind us of those steps from “Crazy”

From the intimate, powerful vocals to the funky beat drop the girls have done a phenomenal job with “Hate”. They’ve done a great job by mixing genres and they created something fabulous.

I’d love to see more releases like this but perhaps without the beat dropping chorus and maybe with a chorus that can highlight their brilliant vocals a bit more!

This album contains 4 tracks and 1 instrumental:

  1. “Hate”
  2. “No Love”
  3. “Blind”
  4. “Canvas”
  5. “Hate” instrumental

 Did you love Hate as much as we did?


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