5 Must Watch MVs of The Boyz [Anniversary Special]


The Season of joy begins with The Boyz debut anniversary celebration!

The Boyz, the group known for their fresh energy and the colourful flavour is finally turning two this December 6. From “Boy” to “Tatoo,” the eleven-piece act has delivered its best for the beloved TheBs. Despite 2019 being a bumpy year with an unexpected departure from Hwall due to health issues, the group stays strong as artists placing in charts and gathering wider attention. 2019 has also been a year of bliss with their Japanese debut and mini-album release, defining and preparing them for the long run.

While celebrating such auspicious day, it is time to look back at few of the group’s handpicked singles to cherish our memories down the lane. If you are a new follower of The Boyz, here we suggest you five must-watch music videos of the group to know more about the act and make you fall in love with them. If you are a fan, have a good time re-watching these pretty works from the act.


The first impression is always the best, exactly two years ago The Boyz made their debut with “Boy.” The title track from their debut album, THE FIRST is a pop song with a dynamic melody. The members without much hesitation gladly confess in being “the boy” in their fans’ life. The lyrics sing about being the only one to grant the needs. The music video showcases the innocent yet confident individuals of the group, with showcasing their skills. The boys at the very first meet feel connected as if they could foresee them together in the future. With energy flowing choreography and twisted formations, the act makes sure to score from the very debut.

“Right Here”

Following the spirited energy, The Boyz become more confident in their single “Right Here,” from their first mini-album, THE SPHERE. Without much time, the boys charm us and make it inevitable to escape “their zone.” With rhythmic beats, addictive verses and catchy chorus, the single gets stuck in our head from the very first listen. As for the music video, the colourful settings and visuals kindle the interest of every viewer to sit through the video. Adding up to the friendly gestures and bright smiles of the members, a well synced and structured choreography in matching outfits is also performed by the act, showcasing the group’s uniformity as dancers.

“No Air”

Taking a shift in the music style and concept, the group presents the single, “No Air’ from their third mini-album THE ONLY. The group being a year older and closer with TheBs declares, “My eyes, breath, and heart want you,” in a love song. The blend of breezy vocals and paced rap verses along with the hooking chorus parts are a pure delight to the listener. In addition to the pleasing audio, the music video pleasures the viewers with aesthetic visuals and colours. The fun and bright mood carried out by the members throughout the previous releases change into passionate and intense, as they flaunt with piercing gazes and stage potent dance performance.


The group once again celebrates the bright and fun side of being The Boyz in their 2019 comebacks. One of their latest single, “D.D.D” from the mini-album, DREAMLIKE brings in magic and fantasy in a colourful setting. The upbeat pop track, which focuses on rapid beats and electric instrumentals, is another song that cherishes love between the group and their fans. With the influence of the “Alice in Wonderland” movie theme, the video brings in magical elements and characters as pixie dust and Mr Rabbit in the streets of New York. The plot of the video focuses on bringing the members into a mystical world of happiness. As expected, the act makes sure to entertain the viewers with a powerful choreography inclusive of a dance break.


The Japanese debut single “TATTOO” stands way far from the usual shades of The Boyz. Pacing in the new industry, the members show off as bold and daring individuals in the single. The electro-pop is an actual powerhouse of vocals and intense rap verses. The lyrics express a darker theme as it sings about love being encrypted as a tattoo in the heart. As adventurous bikers and rouges, the members with dashing visuals appear in style. The music video shot mostly in the parking area emphasis more on the members’ heavy dance moves and facial expressions. Coordinated choreography is never new to the group’s style, but the zeal and spirit is an inevitable trap for the viewers.

The Boyz known for the fragrance of youth and flower boy concepts has also proved to be multi-talented by venturing in both the contrast concepts in these two years. Though laid back in the never-ending race, the group has accelerated greater from where they started. With great hopes and promising music, the act can assure a prominent place signed for them in history. As they advance slow and consistent, let us make sure to support and encourage them throughout the journey.

Also, watch the Boyz share a sweet message to their fans on their Anniversary!

We, the Destination K-pop team wish The Boyz all success and happiness on their anniversary.

Did you enjoy watching the above-mentioned music videos? Which one was your favourite? Comment below!


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