5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss IN2It Concert In India


Attention! Desi K-pop fans; it is time for you to witness another k-pop concert in your country. Every k-poper’s dream is to meet their beloved artists in their hometown to express their love and gratitude.

Keeping all our desires in mind, Namas-K has decided to bring you the opportunity to meet and greet IN2IT this April. Yes! The sextet is really hitting the shores of India. The tour is to happen on 15th, 16th, 18th and 19th of April in Ravindra Natya Mandir, INOX R City, INOX Gurgaon Dreamz and Siri Fort Auditorium.

With just few more days ahead the event, let me give you five practical reasons why you shouldn’t miss this once in a blue moon happening.

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  • It Is IN2IT!

The first and the foremost reason is that it is IN2IT!!

Who would want to miss watching these talented boys? IN2IT is a six member group formed after participating in the MNet survival program called “Boys24”. The act is associated with MMO Entertainment and Stone Entertainment, which has the privilege of owning amazing artists like Eric Nam, EVERGLOW and Roy Kim. The sextet is now all ready to shower you with all their piled up energy and charisma at your place.

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  • Watching Idols Perform Live

The six piece act has been debuted as the best from the survival program which assures a promising blast on stage. Catching the live moments from our favourite artists is bliss and I am sure you don’t wanna miss all the fun of screaming, waving, and swaying while singing along with your stars of the day.

In addition, witnessing the idols you have only dreamt of in real life is the biggest moment of all. Breathing the same air as your idol and having them in your surrounding is a grant from heaven.

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  • Meeting Fellow IN2U

Being displaced in various parts of the country as k-poppers is one of the bitter parts of our untold fangirl story. By making yourself available for the concert, you will be able to meet your beloved IN2U around India and other fellow k-pop fans of similar interests.

Meeting your distant family a.k.a fandom, greeting, hugging, squealing and rambling and selfies is a promise to expect one of the best days in your life as a k-pop fan.

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  • Actual Concert Experience

Though you declare that you can meet your friends in some other places, we can’t neglect the fact that our diaries and calendars have been waiting for concert dates to be circled. The Lightstick Ocean, the spotlight on our Idols, the chants is mere delight to be seen with our naked eyes. This April, you can now even be part of the huge mob showing off your IN2U merchandises, feeling belonged.

  • It Is In India

Above all, after years of wait and of thousands’ patience, India is now pinned as one of the stops for tours. Having our own tour is indeed a pleasing surprise so why not use it to the fullest?

Considering all our Exams and workaholic schedules the organizing team has given us almost 4 different places and concert dates to choose from. If you worry that you have been stuck in the bottom do take a trip to the west for change, if so north you have your destination right beside you. So, what are you waiting for? Grab your planner and tick on the free dates for a mini venture.

There is still much more to amaze you during the tour like a free bus facility from Pune to Mumbai, so don’t miss the chance of actually being part of the k-wave while its hitting our shores.

Why think twice when your heart already wants to start the journey? Hurry now and book your tickets to witness one of the greatest concerts you won’t regret about.

Have you purchased your tickets yet?


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