5 Ways how Jackson Wanged his way to our hearts

Reasons why we love the adorable and sexy Jackson from GOT7


In celebration of GOT7 winning hearts everywhere with their heartwarming love song “Confession Song”, we decided to take a moment to appreciate the Bias wrecker of GOT7, who had a huge hand in putting GOT7 on the map with his hilarious antics, Wang Jackson aka Wang Kong.

Jackson has been on rise due to his easy going personality and his witty humor and has thus captured the hearts of many fan girls and here, we lists the 5 ways how Jackson made everyone swoon in to his charms. Tell us whether you agree or not!

  1. His Variety Skills

Jackson’s variety skills are no joke. From his funny way of speaking Korean to the incredible amount he shows off, he knows he looks adorable and he works it like a boss. His variety show appearances are some of the funniest and wittiest that we have ever seen and his actions never fail to amuse us.


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Jacksons winning speech for ‘Best New Male Variety Newcomer’ for SBS Entertainment Awards


  1. His Confidence

Constantly calling himself ‘wild and sexy’, Jackson exudes a charm filled with in-born sexiness. He seems to love to admit that and often wishes about wanting to do underwear commercial. Now who would not want to see that?


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3. His Honesty

Idol rappers are most often given the role of rap making in the group. While most idols fail to admit that they are just designated rappers, Jackson’s honesty about being a designated rapper and not knowing how to rap properly comes off as refreshing. His almost would be rap battle with Rap Monster is probably the most hilarious rap battle you would ever get to witness ever.


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4. JackJi

Season 2 of Roommate may not have got great ratings, but it certainly gave rise to one of the most beloved ships in K-Variety world, JackJi. Being the maknaes of the cast, Kara’s Maknae, Youngji & Jackson’s interactions were young and adorable. Jackson’s sweet and protective nature and Youngji’s adorable love for Jackson was what kept the show going and had us shipping them for life.

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5. But he is still a  ‘Little Boy’ at Heart

Jackson has continuously talked about missing his parents who are in Hong Kong. His mom being sick cannot travel much and that has been the most heartbreaking thing for him as they fail to attend many of his showcases. His reunion with his parents in Roommate was one of the most heartwarming scenes.

Not to forget his love for his fans which is shown by the way he interacts with his fans through his SNS in 3 different languages!

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This are definitely some of the reasons which makes you want to love him! So, like Jackson states, ‘Let’s stand by him!’


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