#6YearsAsAhgases: The Delightful Journey with the Fandom


From man-made billboards to celestial stars and galaxies, name anything and IGOT7s (GOT7 fans) will make sure to encrypt G-O-T-7 on them. Such power and passion did the fandom hold since the start. May 9 is celebrated as Ahgases’ birthday, the fans with heartfelt messages shared their happiness and fortune of being part of an amusing community. Six years since the birth of baby birds, the fans have not only been one of the prized possessions of the group but also as a great comfort to fellow fans too.

Despite the physical boundaries, IGOT7s have been together in bringing out mass streaming projects, remarkable donations, fighting against odds and above all, is one bundle of great joy to the GOT7 members. The widespread Green Ocean of harmony and freshness keeps its roots strong and keeps elevating as an ever-growing community. Indian IGOT7s Fanclub being one among the solid fanbases has equally grown bringing out new offspring every day. Inclusive of the fanbase’s huge number, Indian fans have been successful in making their voice be heard by participating in various campaigns and projects. The fandom’s burning desire to be recognized and bring GOT7 to India has never put off since day one as the team has celebrated various occasions and has been generous to get on the field when it comes to charity. And their dedication was indeed rewarded in abundance as the members are fully aware of the loving fans they have in the lands of India.

“Every time, GOT7 gives us love no matter what, so I just wanted to share my happiness with others who are taken care of in an orphanage. Whoever it may be, everyone deserves to be loved. If we can make them smile with the songs or anything related to K-Pop or GOT7, then that would satisfy me as an Ahgase,” says Kowshi from Chennai, who has been part of the recent donation drive done by Indian Ahgases. The team collected an amount of 20k and offered them to an orphanage for the children’s education. The fans also visited the students and spent the day with them to spread love and joy.

“Watching the members be kind has been one of the reasons for us to come up with such ideas,” says Jemima, another participant from the project. The team of seven has not only succeeded in advocating their fans to be nice to the society but to oneself through self-love, as Jackson sings, “You don’t need to change a thing, you’re just pretty You look perfect just the way you just need to be happy, without a worry,” in their single “Just Right.”

Christina from Bangalore makes sure to follow those principles as she says, “Got7 is not my escape but my reality. After a stressful day, got7 is the warm hug that tells me that everything will be alright. Their music is what pulled me in, and their personalities made me stay. They also helped me find more like-minded people from different parts of life, and it’s like a happy pill for me.” Manisha from Assam also adds up to the point as she replies, “I want to thank them for teaching me how to be happy over little things, how to be a great person, how to improve myself every single day.” K-poppers around the world would agree that K-Pop has been more than just enjoying music. It is about finding comfort and being inspired by the idols we get to follow. GOT7 has made sure to be one among the idol groups to inspire their audience and that has brought the fandom together all through the way. “Becoming an ahgase was one of the indecisive decisions. I didn’t expect I would Stan GOT7 and become a part of the fandom. It has always been a great journey along with ahgases, knowing them from various part of the world connected through g7 by their music,” says Deepika who currently is pursuing her college in Canada.

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Apart from the role of the idol, the fandom has also been one of the biggest strengths of the members to make histories in the K-Pop world. The IGOT7 hub has always given a cushioning effect to their artists, fellow fans and also to people from other fandoms. The bond and sincerity expressed within them is what makes them stronger. “The best part of being an ahgase is that they’ve taught me a lot of life lessons, to take care of myself and put myself above anyone, in developing my mindset, to have a vision, to be a better person, to live in the moment and enjoy every single one of it, to go after my dreams,” says the three-year-old ahgase, Manimegalai reflecting on her newbie days as an IGOT7. “Ahgase fandom is my most cherished space. We’re beautiful, kind souls who only want the best for the boys and the family. Being one among the non-problematic supportive families is rare to see these days and that’s what ahgases are. My wish is for us is to grow bigger and grow closer with the boys and be happy always,” adds Smruti.

Growing up watching inspirational people and being raised in a positive community can make you the achievers of tomorrow and with diverse testimonies, we get to see IGOT7s also becoming stars twinkling in the night sky. From students, professionals to artists, every Ahgase stays unique and keeps aiming high as an individual. Deepika being one among the usual batch of college students made sure to live her dream by meeting GOT7 in real. And she did make it by working hard in her part-time jobs and saving up money for months. “Seeing them in person was one of my dreams and it came true when they came to Toronto for their spinning top tour. I was on cloud nine the entire concert duration, especially surrounded by thousands and thousands of ahgases who look up at GOT7 with same love and affection. I felt like “I belong here, this is my type of people” the connection was amazing,” she says as she strictly believes that her inner fangirl made her do such wonders.

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On the other hand, we have a budding singer, Nandha Krishna from Chennai, who believes he could make wonders being motivated every day by the idol group he follows. “GOT7 as musicians have made a huge impact in my journey as an upcoming artist, I always look up to their music and every time when they come back with new music it’s really refreshing because their discography is so versatile and listening to them helped me find my sound as an artist. They are such good live performers and I always learn and replicate when I’m on stage performing. Even I look up to them in terms of fashion because they are so fashionable and I try to copy their styles. I’m sure someday in the future I’d definitely collaborate with at least one of them.”

As the septet sings, “Dye me with you, Dye yourself with me,” in their latest single “Not By The Moon,” both the artists and fans share a connection of lending a hand to each other when need. And that is all what a relationship needs.

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Entering into the 7th year, the fans could not express their happiness in words as they all want this journey to continue for eternity. The upcoming years may not be a bed filled with roses but the fans can promise that they will make it through together and never stop reaching to the skies as baby phoenixes.

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