7 things that every KFan Girl expects her guy to do for her!


KDramas bring our dreams a little closer to real life. And if you are a big time KDrama Fan Girl, I am proud of you! You know your standards about being with a perfect man! Apart from trust and being honest to each other, there are a few things that you will definitely expect these things from your man, and if your man does these things for you, what else you need in life!!!!

1. Surprise trip to an island: Well we should admit the fact that we all need a man like Gu Jun Pyo who can give us a surprise trip package to a romantic island. Perfect romantic breakfast in front of the beach. What else you want in life?!?! The Hallyu heart throb Lee Min Ho starring as Gu Jun Pyo takes the love of his life to a surprise vacation to a beautiful island New Caledonia in the KDrama ‘Boys Over Flowers’. Known for his aggressive behaviour in the first two episodes, the love of his life, Geum Jan Di played by the famous actress Ku Hye Sun, does move a little for the genuine gesture showed by him. Oppa, I am flying down to South Korea just for you!

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2. Sing a song for you in the public: Nothing could be more romantic when you see your man singing for you in the public. With guitar in one hand and with that perfect cute smile on his face, this gesture of his will definitely melt your heart. KPop band, CN Blue’s leader Jung Yong Hwa, known for his role as Lee Shin in the KDrama ‘Heartstrings’ sings a song for his love Lee Gyu Won played by Park Shin Hye. The way he sings for her in front of everyone, will just melt you in your seat. I don’t know when will my man do this for me?

dkpop {kpop-india}7 things that every KFan Girl expects her guy to do for her!23. Couple Cycling: No matter what your age is, every person is a kid at heart. You will definitely love this activity with your man, ‘Couple Cycling’. The most cutest and romantic thing couples do. All you need is a pathway, a couple cycle and an endless talk while cycling. Perfect date! In the KDrama, ‘Personal Taste’, Jeon Jin Ho played by Lee Min Ho takes his love, Park Kae In played Son Ye Jin, for a couple cycle ride! Yeah! Oppa, I will definitely do this with you once I fly down to South Korea.

dkpop {kpop-india}7 things that every KFan Girl expects her guy to do for her!24. Hug her while sleeping: Awww! The first word and expression of yours after seeing the picture will be, “Awww!” Every girl wants a guy who can just hug her while sleeping. What a woman needs after a hectic schedule at office or at home?!?! That caring and warm embrace from her man can just make her stress vanish away in minutes. If you haven’t seen the KDrama, ‘Helaer’ till yet, please go and watch it! I bet you won’t regret any of the romantic scenes between Seo Jung Hoo/Park Bong Soo played by Ji Chang Wook and the beautiful Park Min Young as Chae Young Shin/Oh Ji An. The way he hugs her while sleeping and the way he sees her while she is asleep on the bed, it will just make you want to pull Oppa out from your laptop screen and hug him tightly. Oppa can you hug me like this when I attend your fan sign?!?!

dkpop {kpop-india}7 things that every KFan Girl expects her guy to do for her!2


5. Looks into your eyes with that gaze: This would be perfect while your man proposes you for a marriage?!?! That look of his can sweep your feet from the ground. The look that he gives you! You can just feel all his love for you in his eyes. His eyes would be speaking 1000 words to you at that point of time. in the KDrama, ‘Kill Me Heal Me’, when the character Shin Se Gi played by Ji Sung says to Oh Ri Jin played Hwang Jung Eum, “January 7th, 2015 at 10 ‘o’ clock on the dot! This time I fell for you!” I would have almost died if someone said these lines to me! Oppa, please look into my eyes like this while you sign an autograph for me!

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6. Back Hug: Well I would love if my man would hug me from back when I am feeling low or sad! That warm embrace, that feeling of love and care, it will just vanish your sadness in one go! You will definitely love this gesture of his. almost every KDrama has a back hug. And who doesn’t love it! Lee Min Ho who plays the character of Kim Tan in the KDrama, ‘The Heirs’ warmly gives a back hug to his partner, Cha Eun Sang played by the beautiful actress Park Shin Hye. So go and hug your man once and tell him secretly that you love this. May be, he does it for you next time! And I will take this hug from Lee Min Ho Oppa!

dkpop {kpop-india}7 things that every KFan Girl expects her guy to do for her!2

7. Kiss in the rain: Rain has always been considered the most romantic weather of all times. Sorry girls! I know you must have thought of Rain Oppa as soon as you read ‘Rain’. Well I know! He is just too cute! But here I am talking about that rain that falls from the sky! LOL! A kiss in the rain will just make your day. Romantic weather, a kiss and then a warm hug. Perfect date coupled with a candle light dinner, soothing romantic music and endless talk in the balcony.

dkpop {kpop-india}7 things that every KFan Girl expects her guy to do for her!2

So what do you expect more things from a man apart from these?!?! I would love to have these qualities in my man! Comment below if you think you can add more to the list!


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