A Playlist to Celebrate #WildKARDIndia


With the never running clocks and marked calendars smirking at you, we know it is time to witness KARD in India happen before us.

A few more days to fly and the quartet will be setting Delhi and Guwahati on fire, on July 12 and 14. With merely a week before us to wait, it is now we should party hard dreaming about meeting our favorite Idols, Somin, B.M, J.seph, and Jiwoo in person. To celebrate this yet to happen auspicious happening, we are here to suggest you a playlist of KARD’s hidden treasures for you to tune in during the busy week. These 10 handpicked B-side tracks are sure to engage you with the mood and give you company irrespective of place and time.

Into You

The opening track of KARD’s You and Me album can give chills at the very start of the playlist. With haunting keyboard notes creeping in, the act singing about love in a haunting tone. The tune shifts as an EDM track in parts of the chorus with heavy beats complimenting the high notes and slender raps of the members.

Knockin’ On The Heaven’s Door

Moving on to a brighter side of love, we get the gentle track to sheen upon us. Dealing with the concept of love, the track explores various styles by giving us a touch of different music hints like dripping and popping. The best part of the song walks in when the act harmonizes and gives us an unusual of the drop in the chorus.

Push N Pull

The next track “Push N Pull,” is not a slow-paced anymore. The EDM track keeps us hyped up with the repatitive chorus and rapid beats highlighting on the goofy mood of hate and regret of betrayed love. With vocals and rap verses balancing the song equally, the track is sure to secure a favorite spot in your playlist.

I Can’t Stop

As a change, the mood gets lighter with “I Can’t Stop” from their 1st mini album. In spite of the lies and controversies in a love story, the fresh tropical track beat suggests to start over. With splendid drops and fusion building up a futuristic style, the song is assured to pleasure our eardrums.


Another tropical beat of the playlist, “Dimelo” meaning “tell me that” is a Spanish track of the album. The beach banger croons about confessing love and having a lover to oneself. KARD known for their unique style and concept had a chance to prove their outgoing interest and flexibility on intercultural.

Trust Me

“Trust Me” unlike other tracks have two versions pleasuring both melody and upbeat lovers. The quartet divides and pairs up as a duet of B.M and Somin to sing the ballad version and J.seph and Jiwoo for the fast beat version. As the name suggests, the lyrics sing asking for trust in spite of the hard times. Irrespective of the genre, both tracks weigh equal when giving the audience an enjoyable listen.


Being one of the well-known track, “Rumor” is an upbeat song that can drive any listener to nod and sway along with the rhythm. It is a known fact that KARD makes every breakup song sound so perfect to fall in love with it, and so do we when the house track with peppy verses keep us hyped up all along.

Jinikka (Because)

Following the built-up pace follows “Jinikka”, more aggressive and strong. The track begins with J.seph’s lengthy rap showing off their skills as an act and later flows with the dark theme following them. The track serves as another spooky track, which keeps us thrilled. And the credits goes to the great voice modulations by the members.


Breaking the dark notion, here is a track that can take you to the sky through the moonlight. The upbeat track travels higher and higher around Paris, Tokyo, and Paradise as the members croon and echo together. The theme of happy love is conveyed through slender and appealing verses of the act.

Living Good

To top our playlist cake with a special cherry, here we have “Living Good” sang as a special thanks to all their beloved people. The track is packed with love as they greet and thank their team, fans, and family by assuring that they are living good. With fun shout outs and giggles, in the end, the song never fails to mark the best vibes.

With the 10 B-side tracks prescribed above, it is affirmed that these songs will keep you tamed and ready to meet KARD. Hope you enjoy listening to our suggested tracks and have a great time sharing them with your fellow friends.

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Let us know who was your favourite track from the suggested. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself free on 12th and 14th of July to see the Wild KARD take over our nation. Have Fun!


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