A.R.M.Y Expresses Disappointment To BTS’s Concert In Beijing

Kpop India

The concert of BTS which had been held in Beijing recently has lead to great disappointment towards fans.

According to chinese media outlets, the fans expressed disappointment on the fact that Rap Monster showed a minimum stage presence, the reason being was that the idol was having difficulty in breathing and thus wasn’t able to perform at the concert. Also the fans had to stand in the dark for 30 minutes before the concert started as there was a light out-which left many fans enraged towards the concert organizers. The difficulties in lighting also lead to the concert being over only in an hour and a half. Fans are also disappointed over the fact that the list included 26 songs to be performed but BTS only performed 15.

Since this was the last concert in China, many fans paid huge amount of money but were faced with such difficulties. It thus became the not-so-perfect concert they expected.


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