Actress Hwang Jung Eum is getting married this February!

Wedding bells are ringing for Hwang Jung Eum!


2016 is definitely going to be the year of love bubbles floating around K-town and   we see that wedding bells have begun ringing already !

Well known actress Hwang Jung Eum who is famous for her roles in dramas like “Kill Me, Heal Me” and “She was pretty” is getting married with pro golfer and businessman Lee Young Don at the end of February.

A representative of Hwang Jung Eum’s agency C-JeS Entertainment announced the news earlier today by stating that the actress is really happy with the relationship and since the world has come to know about their relationship, both sides’ parents wanted the couple to be together for the rest of their lives. Also, since the couple are very supportive of each other, they have decided to get married as soon as possible. In the report released, it was also mentioned that Hwang Jung Eum will still be active as an actress in various movies and dramas even after the marriage.

This news comes as a surprise to many fans as it has been just a month since the 30 years old actress Hwang Jung Eum and Lee Young Don announced their relationship. However, the couple are considered to be very open about their relationship as they are spotted on dates frequently around Seoul and holding hands even with people are around.They say Love is blind and well, we can’t blame them. Can we?  We are rooting for this couple and we can’t wait for the official wedding dates to be announced !

Congratulations to the happy couple! Let’s hope that we can see Hwang Jung Eum in a new drama really soon after the marriage!


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