Actress Kim Hyun Joo Volunteers For Nepal


Actress Kim Hyun Joo proved to be beautiful both in and out as it was revealed by the International Organization of Relief and Development, Good Neighbors, that she had arrived in Gorkha, Nepal on the night of May 11 to volunteer her services for a week.

However, she experienced some bumps in her service trip as on the afternoon of May 12, she was heading out of Gorkha to a more damaged area with 15 members of the medical team when another earthquake hit.  As a result, they had to quickly evacuate to a safe location.

Good Neighbors had a phone conversation with Yonhap News, revealing, “We just managed to get in contact with the people there.  We’ve confirmed that they are all safe. As the area has falling rock, we plan to be on standby until stability is secured.”

Meanwhile, this is the second devastating earthquake within a matter of days in Nepal, this earthquake registered a 7.4 on the richter scale and caused a landslide.

Source: allkpop