Actress Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin Heading To India To Shoot KBS2’s New Variety Show!

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KBS2 is kicking off with their new variety show called “Winning Vacation” (working title). In this show, the celebrities are paired in twos and are given a chance to visit any country they had in their wishlist but could not go till date.

Within the show the actress pair Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin chose India as the country that they always wanted to visited but never got the chance. Hence, KBS2 decided to fulfill their wish to visit our country. This show has no fixed format so they can enjoy their time in India as they like. It is said that they will visit some of the cities here although no exact venue has been officially declared yet.

The Ladies conveyed their enthusiasm about their visit to India by posting series of pictures on their official Instagram account. They even tried out Indian food before coming here as part of their interview for the show.

Kpop India {kpop-india}Actress Lee Si Young and Choi Yeo Jin Heading To India To Shoot KBS2’s New Variety Show!Lee Si Young Ig

Along with the actresses, there are two other pairs have enjoyed their vacation in their desired country. One is the duo of actors Jo Yeon Woo and Lee Seung Joon  in Indonesia and the other is the popular drama Misaeng’s actors Oh Min Seok and Jeon Seok Ho  in United Chile. Besides them, there are other celebrities as well but they have not started their travel yet.

The show will be aired on May 30 and June 6.

Are you excited to see these actresses get the taste of Indian culture?

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