Actress Shin Se Kyung Visits INDIA

Shin Se Kyung Rises In India


Actress Shin Se Kyung who was appointed as am honorary ambassador to UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador in 2014 visited India to promote women’s rights and education.

The actress posted pictures in Instagram where she was surrounded by Indian women warmly welcoming her with garlands. Currently the actress is in Varanasi, India as part of UNESCO project in which they provide women who are struck in poverty cycle with sewing machines and educate them about self employment.

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Actress agency Namoo Actors confirmed the news on Sunday 9th May about Shin Se Kyung visit to India. The agency stated that Shin will be visiting remote regions in India mainly where women suffer under the weight of caste system, religious discrimination, gender discrimination and child marriage.

More details of UNESCO’s campaign to promote women rights in India can be found at

Don’t you think its amazing to see when our favorite stars actively participate in volunteer service and spread their hands to people in need ?




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