AGUST D’s “GIVE IT TO ME” MV released.


6PM KST. A new record yet again, BIGHIT!

Dropping Bangtan Sonyeondan’s “EPILOGUE : Young Forever” MV and  ‘Save Me‘ MV without any teasers nor warnings and not at the conventional release hour that is at 00:00 KST, you should be already BE immune to BIGHIT Entertainment‘s style to release thier MVs. But no, you weren’t, she wasn’t, he wasn’t and definitely people who are at school or work (like me ) weren’t at all either.

BigHit Entertainment managed to squeeze in some hints here and there for all the other possible MVs of Bangtan’s in the past but AGUST D‘s “GIVE IT TO ME ” MV was dropped yet agian without any warning nor hints (or was there?).

The video opens up with Suga lying down on the ground at the same spot he tied up in “AGUST D” MV (which hit almost 3 million views in less than a day) inside the same RV but this time he is free and not tied up. ‘Give it to me‘ MV  is continuation of ‘AGUST D‘ MV, you find the run down RV and the cars in flames that Yoongi Managed to break down in the previous MV.

Some how Suga and flames aren’t going to break up and time soon.

Check out the video to find out sides of Suga of BTS you might have not known as his gives a piece of his mind to a lot of people who aren’t on his ‘my buddy list’ and get captivated with that fierce look he has in store just for you.

I need a military-print Parka now!!



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