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Whenever a YG music group is in the magazines, it’s always a time of celebration. For years now, the first-tier entertainment company has managed to keep its musicians and artists under wraps and away from public eye. In the August 2016 issue of Allure Korea, Akdong Musician (AKMU) share a little insight into their minds and daily lives.

The twins, Chanhyuk and Suhyun, are quite famous for their amazing originality in K-Pop Star Season 2, and then for moving into YG Entertainment. After their last album ‘Play’ in 204, they are back with new sounds and more original songs in their album ‘Spring’. The two twins showcase their interesting chemistry and charms for their Allure photo-shoot.

akmu {kpop-india}Akdong Musician for Allure Koreaakmu
Chanhyuk’s new trend of wearing glasses seems to have really picked up and he is seen showing off his best poses with a titled grin, and sporting a variety of eyewear. Suhyun is graceful and beautiful as ever, matching her brother’s quirkiness with a grace of her own.

When asked about their future plans, Chanhyuk mentioned his plans to continue making music until his 30’s. “I want to keep challenging ourselves, so we won’t be ashamed of the ‘Musician’ in our name.” He adds on to express, “I want to create my own independent label and make fun things happen.”

His sister Suhyun on the other hand, speaks like an artist and mentions her desire to fall in love before her teenage years’ end. “I will be able to write sincere lyrics when I experience the heartache, but as of now, I can’t because I haven’t experienced it.” Truly, an artist writes from experience.
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By the end of the interview, the siblings were asked to complement each other. Even in this, they did not let go of their characteristic humor. Chanhyuk quips, “I am proud of my dongseng (little sister) who understands that the only way to beat a genius is through effort.” Surely, he isn’t referring to himself?

Suhyun doesn’t let him leave it at that, and says, “I accept that oppa (Older Brother) has a special talent, but it’s unfortunate that he only believes in inborn talent. I hope he learns the power of effort through me.”

We can’t wait to see more of these hilarious siblings. Who needs enemies, when you have siblings, amirite?

Until then, enjoy these beautiful photographs from AKMU’s Allure Korea Photoshoot.


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