Every individual goes through a phase of security and insecurity in various parts of life and GOT7 is ready to confess them all.

Dealing with a deep concept, GOT7 made their first comeback of the year. The act willfully letting the world know about their inner fears and doubts about being an Idol indeed amazed the crowd. The seven-piece act who is always known for their fun and playful charm released their mini-album, SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY AND INSECURITY with six tracks confronting their suppressed emotions. The tracks can also be credited for the members taking a great part in composing and writing.

The beautiful setlist not only helps us to learn more about the Idols but also to discover ourselves with them.

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The album begins with trapping music leading us to a murky journey as our Maknae begins his verse of ““. The mild-beat track co-written by Yugyeom talks about the anxious feeling while starting a journey as Jinyoung confesses “I’m becoming more and more blinded.” With an unpleasant cold temperature, taking over, like a spinning top the path becomes shaky as they reach the plane angle of a circle. The built-up tension of facing failure can be sensed in the very beginning as the lines sing, “Look at me, I’m afraid,” warning us the silence before the storm.

The highly appreciated and most favorite of the listeners, “Eclipse” starts playing with Jinyoung’s innocent mellow verse. The expected mild-tempo takes a shift and unexpectedly turns into a futuristic pop with rapid instrumental flickers. The boosted pre-chorus tends to drop during the chorus making the single stay at a lower pace. The message carried out by the pop is nuanced as the lyrics co-written by JB express the feeling of insecurity. As the name of the album  “Security and Insecurity”, the lines switch from restraining fear and the strive to overcome them.

In addition, the dynamic choreography performed by the seven-piece act representing the lyrics and theme becomes an advantage. Though the chorus feels to have a less niche, the single managed to hold a great place in every listener’s heart as the heartfelt protective lyrics and fresh emotions keep us connected with the members stronger.

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The dulcet track “The End” begins as the members pleasure us with their soothing vocals. As expected with the name of the song, Jinyoung writes, “It’s the end, probably will regret this moment. Through you, I found my universe but I will lose it at the end,” reflecting on his anxious feeling of bidding goodbyes to his fellow members during the end of the journey. Known for making such sentimental pieces, Jinyoung once again scores with the R&B track getting emotionally rich as Yugyeom and Youngjae get together for the pre-chorus accompanying the lonesome verses.

The fourth track, “Time Out” produced by Youngjae begins with a happy note giving the tiring feelings a break. The gentle pop helps us relax as the mild beats take over with repetitive peppy lines like “Yeah, yeah, yeah” and “No, no, no.” As the music follows, the members get together to treat us well by taking a break from the worries. With lines “the place near my reach, right at my fingertips. It’s so close,” the track gives us a positive way of looking at life and drives us to move forward.

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After dealing with various emotions of fear and doubts, the septet now asks us to hold on and believe them in the journey. “Believe” (literally translated as will you believe me) co-written by Bambam pops next in want for love and assurance. The Rock ballad in lyrics “A man that cares about you baby that’s me,” beautifully portraits a man longing to protect his loved one in spite of his internal flaws. The feelings are also shared between the group and their fans as their relationship also depends on the deep-rooted trust. With more English lines compared to other tracks, the piece gains attention for being a chill track.

The album wraps up soon with their sixth track “Page,” where the members become writers to write the story of love and life together. The fast track keeps our pulse hyped with its rapid beats and funky music parts. With cheesy lines singing like “You are my number one. I want only you,” “On top of this page you and me without any space. Write, right now,” gives us butterflies, making us look at the future while preparing us together for a story in the book which never ends.

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Filled with emotions, GOT7 express their true selves through a rare collection of six tracks. The EP has helped the act directly bridge with their fans to develop a deeper relationship. The act breaking their Idol figures and confidently stepping down to reality as common people dealing with equal flaws and fears should be much appreciated in this comeback.

The album, SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY AND INSECURITY also proved its essence by taking home two wins already in their first week and can be expected to bring great wonders for GOT7 and IGOT7s in the near future. Wishing them the best!

Did you enjoy GOT7’s new EP SPINNING TOP: BETWEEN SECURITY AND INSECURITY? If not, I highly recommend you to. Let us know your thoughts on their latest comeback.


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