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[ALBUM REVIEW] N.Flying (엔플라잉) 3rd Mini Album “THE HOTTEST: N.Flying”

Rap rock quintet N.Flying made a comeback on January 3rd, 2018 by releasing their third extended play The Hottest: N.Flying along with lead single Hot Potato.

1.그러니까 우리 (Don’t Forget This)

Synths started off the song, and as soon as the guitar came in, I smiled. A pleasant combination of 80s synth pop and modern rock. Seunghyub’s rapping and Hwesung’s vocals were A+. The song sounded pretty nostalgic… almost bittersweet. Beautiful. Loved this.

2.뜨거운 감자 (Hot Potato)

A+++ title track and a very refreshing bop which is cheery and rhythmic. The combination of Seunghyun and Hwesung made this song perfect. The band very clearly and bravely laid out their future goals to the world— which made me appreciate their unabashed ambition.

3.골목길에서 (Crossroad)

The opening guitar chords in this song were beautiful. The synths were more subtle, quietly intermingled with the drums in the background. Seunghyub’s rapping was subdued and controlled. Hwesung’s voice really shone through in this one.

4.I Know U Know

Rhythmic guitar chords and beautiful vocals combined to make a beautiful and one of the more relatively slow-paced songs on the EP. Loved the almost EDM like chorus.

5.이보다 좋을까 (Can’t Be Better)

I loved the way this song started off. The english intro was short but memorable. It sounded like a languid mid-tempo song at first, but slightly picked up around the chorus to turn it into a beautiful lilting melody to which I bopped my head throughout and found myself swaying to.

6.딱 하루만 (Just One Day)

Loved this so much! Very disjointedly rhythmic. Hwesung’s vocalization was pretty much spot on. My 2nd favorite song off the EP. Reminded me of mid 2000s pop punk. I could definitely see this playing on AT40 if they were to release it in the US. Seunghyub spat fire throughout, and the instrumentation was clear and crisp. This could potentially be released as the 2nd single.

Overall: 10/10

I can see myself listening to this album on repeat, without skipping any song. N.Flying have done a commendable job, and hopefully they do well on the charts as well.

What do you think of the album?

Watch the music video for lead single Hot Potato

Buy the album on iTunes

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