[Album Review] Stray Kids Cle’ Miro


“It’s Stray Kids everywhere around the World.”

On March 25, the well-known rookies marked their first anniversary in the industry by giving us their fourth mini album.

Cle’:Miro consists a total of seven tracks including a Mixtape #4, which is available only in CD copies. The nonet known for dealing with reality and identity issues their music once again follows with a confident lead. By learning who they are from their previous album I Am You album, the act roars back with their new album along with the single “Miroh”.

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With much strong messages, the act delivered themselves beautifully to the audience through the device of music. Here is a review of the eight tracks that we don’t want you to miss.

The album begins with jungle jam beats unraveling the track “Entrance”. As the title suggests the song positions and gets us into the mood before our voyage with the boys through the maze. With energy steaming in, the electro and traditional mashup builds up our anticipation for further more.

Following the introduction, the second track (also the single of the album) “Miroh” again prepares us for a tough journey. Felix beginning with lines “Across the mountains and range across the river and the ocean”, the rapid beats prepares us for a thrilling yet motivational ride. With tiger and eagle triumphing, the EDM track talks about the rough path being chosen and the hurdles to be met through the run. Though it’s hard, the members turn out to be beasts with inevitable vocal and rap verses to shake it off.

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Even before we begin the run, the alarm strikes making us experience victory as we listen to the “Victory song”. The track produced by the group’s producing sub-unit 3Racha is an exclusive. Following the usual EDM style of Stray kids, the song is an anthem everybody must listen. While singing of guts and courage, an immense positivity takes over our spirits to proclaim “Undefeated” and “Listen to this victory song” along with the boys.

The built up energy and fire is put to rest for a while as creepy piano notes crawl to our playlist from the track “Maze of Memories”. Though we decide to run with courage, there are definitely times that put us to tests and trials. The low key track explains the frustration and fear as the night overcomes during the process. The slurring vocals keeps us in threat and equal break sirens change the pace of the song until the energizing English rap from Felix, Seungmin and Bang chan paves a way in ending the song with the never giving up spirit.

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“Boxer” again brings us back as fighters who choose the strongest ones to battle against. The rap influencing track is set in a boxing match court, punching back the odds that come against them. The tone keep us hyped as the bell rings while the members sing “Jab Stray kids Jab”, “One, two, counter punch knockout”. The members become beastly warriors in vain to grab every opportunity and fly higher as an eagle. The addictive beats steam us with energy and ends with a sudden drop, leaving us hanging from a cliff to take off our flight.

With clocks ticking along with the music piece the next song “Chronosaurus” plays with slight tension inbuilt. The felt mystery and tension is right as the track is another threatening call of the fear. The high pitched screams and lowered voices through the song insist that the run for life is essential as “Chrono”, the time dressed as “Saurus”, dinosaur is chasing us to hunt us down. The path chosen looks like a “tunnel with no light” but the run is never going to stop.

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The track list continues with another drop with slender beats and rhythm as the members reflect on saying goodbye to their teens. The sense of regret travels around the melody “19”, as they have to walk past such a face of life. There is also a growing passion and fire to turn 20 and confident to meet the real world waiting out there. The slurring vocals also share about the experience of being a newbie and now an Idol in Seoul as it is time to land on their dreams.

The track only available in CDs is a pure gift to the STAYs as the members mentioned before. “Mixtape #4” is a free will up-beat song where the listeners are led to walk in the direction their heart wants. The expedition with their fans may look uncertain but Felix assures “sail across the world, it’s our time. Stray kids nine or none we are gonna cross the finish line” in his rap. The beats carried out through the track make us believe in spite of the broken compass in our hand.

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Cle’:Miro is truly an inspiring and passionate album that anyone could listen. By dealing the concepts of doubts and desires, the nonet serves us a motivational list with different genres being experimented. In addition, the album is also a package of emotions as the act also connects with their beloved STAY most of the times. Stuck in the fast running world ever individual desires to be a hero of their own, to such fighters, Stray kids is here to accompany through the run.

What do you think about Cle’:Miro? Let us know through your comments. If you haven’t listened to it yet, I advice you to!


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