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Love blooms in spring with The Boyz.

This year’s spring was taken to fascination of love as The Boyz released their second single album Bloom Bloom last week on April, 29.

The single album comes out with three tracks including their bright single “Bloom Bloom”, followed by “Butterfly” and “Clover”. The album falling contrast to their previous mini album The Only released last year, revisits the boys from their “Right Here” era with much of active and playful boy charms.

“Bloom Bloom”, the first track and single of the album sounds perfect for a happy start. As expected the single blasts positivity and happiness while expressing the beats playing “Merry go around” in our headphones. Like Peter Pan, The Boyz stay young and pretty while singing about the joy of being in love. Comparing the exciting feeling with flowers blooming and fireworks, the lyrics bring a smile on every The B’s face. In addition, with the catchy rap verse from Sunwoo and Eric, the electro pop drops with a single drum beat melody accompanying the heavenly vocals of Kevin, Hakyeon and Sanqyeon.

With mild keyboard notes trailing in Sangyeon with his high pitched tone reveal the melody “Butterfly”. After confessing about their first love, the act now takes us along with them to fly high among the clouds with them. The vocal line emit the pure essence with their angelic voices when the rap line keep up their pace with a slow driven rap verse. As romance and dreams like fantasy surround us, the track feels more comforting and soothing.

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The last track of the album lifts up the mood again with “Clover”. The up-beat cherishes the left few minutes of the album as the lyrics sing about luck and miracle. By calling their loved one “like a four-leaf clover”, the boys express their gratitude of meeting their loved ones as a wonder. The track with its fresh beat and hook in the chorus, stand equally competent with the single.

Bloom Bloom is a perfect package to be released in the time of Spring. Though the single album ends so quick with three tracks, it does not fall short while making the listeners happy. With excitement, happiness and magic, The Boyz deliver a sweet list which brightens up a listener’s day after every listen.

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From The Boyz Twitter

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