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The f(x) rapper and SM Entertainment’s resident Llama, opened herself up for an interview with Allure Magazine.

The interview, coupled with brilliant photographs with a mystical theme, show Amber speaking on several matters. She briefly discusses why she decided to release solo songs and what they mean to her. To which she answered -“Music had been my hobby before debuting, after debuting I kept being asked why I didn’t write my own songs, despite being a singer. So I played my songs around and the response was positive. I wanted to tell the stories I couldn’t tell during f(x) promotions. ”

She even holds a conversation on her famous YouTube channel What The Pineapple! which seems to be garnering a lot of attention lately. Amber stated that she had seen a lot of people labeling her as ‘strong’ and ‘usually quiet’ and she wanted to make it her responsibility to form an image for herself. It is quite true that the life of a K-Pop star/idol isn’t easy. They are subjected to a lot of scrutiny and they have a lot of responsibility to maintain a certain image. Amber mentions that she does feel responsible for her young fandom that looks up to her, and she often has to keep a watch on what she says or does. She likes to make sure that whatever she writes on her SNS, conveys exactly what she intended to convey.

‘Borders’ and ‘Beautiful’ are two of Amber’s songs that convey a message of being strong, inspite of harsh times. She portrays the strength she gathered to talk to others, about being herself, even when she was hurt. On the reaction towards these songs, she says “Especially when ‘Border’s came out, a lot of fans would say ‘thank you’ and I’m thankful too. Before that I was too shy to talk to others when I was sad or worried. But this time I wanted to make a story about those feelings.”

Amber has always been an idol that promoted an equal image of strength, despite gender or race. She even mentions how her male friends have often had trouble expressing the hardships in their life.

“They’re too embarrassed to talk about fights with their girlfriends or if they want to talk about their problems. But don’t failures or mistakes make you embarrassed? While trying [to talk to others], we always learn something anyways.”

By the end of the interview, Amber talked about how much she, along with her group members, have grown. She associates the members to different personalities – Luna as a puppy, Victoria as a queen and Krystal as a princess. She divulges how much she has missed them, and that she has been in touch with them regularly.

As a Taiwanese-American K-Pop idol, Amber is quite an inspiration and role-model for several teens all over the world. She surely is doing a brilliant job of giving us strong, but also human image to look up to. Thank you Amber! We’ll keep cheering for you and your songs.

Check out Amber’s latest song ‘Need To Feel Needed’.

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