Amber – Borders MV review


F(x)’s member Amber is back with a new solo song. The song “Borders” is the 7th track that has been released for the SM STATION project. The entire song is in English.
Borders is an emotional ballad with some rap mixed in. Amber talks about her dreams, the struggles what she and everyone around her faced in their lives. It is also written and composed by her.

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As for the music video, Amber teamed up with DPR. The music video is not fancy like the normal Kpop videos that we see. It’s simple yet the simplicity doesn’t fail to touch our hearts.
The MV has scenes which describe the struggle that most of us have faced in our life at some point.  The scene where the girl looks at her body’s reflection in the mirror, when she tries to end her life by taking pills or when the guy tries to end his life by jumping off the bridge. All these scenes in the music video show the pressure that individuals feel because of our society and the extreme measures they decide to take because of it.

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The lyrics are relatable as well –

1) “What’s wrong with me Can you tell me now”
I’m sure all of us have questioned ourselves like this. Whenever we feel like things are not going according to our plans, we always ask ourselves “Why? Why me? What’s wrong with me?”

2) “And I’d do anything to be what they call perfect”
People often try to be “perfect” to fit in any social situation. Even if the individual is not “perfect” he/she tries to be so that he/she can fit in and not be an outcast.

3) ”Slowly but surely I begin Jumping trains ‘cause I know I can win”
Even if we fall down, we need to get up and prove that we can do it that we can win. Overcoming the obstacles in life and winning.
The song and the music video try to convey a message that is “Fight your way” and “Never give up” .

Personally, this song has been on repeat ever since it came out. I just want to say thank you to Amber for releasing this because it’s really inspiring. Do you guys like it as well? Let us know in the comment section.



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