Why everyone need Amber Liu in their lives?

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Well, all of us know that F(x)’s Amber is friend with many artists in the K-popland. Probably every second person in the industry is her mate. One example of her being a great friend was her calling up almost every person in her contact list to take part in “ALL THAT BRASS” music video. It turned out to be great by the way.

She once again showed us, “why is it that we want to be her friends?”

Around 3 days ago, she posted a photo of her visiting one of her dear friends/brother in the hospital to see him after his surgery and wish him faster recovery. This friend of hers was none other than Royal Pirates’ member James who recently went through another surgery.

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Next day, she posted another picture on her Instagram visiting Fei backstage at Inkigayo. In this, Amber is photographed balancing a hula hoop on her back while giving Fei two thumbs up. She was most likely trying to recreate Fei’s hula hoop section from her solo ‘Fantasy‘. She supports her friends to the fullest.

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Also, she took to her Twitter and posted a screenshot from her gallery having pictures of Eric nam making weird faces. In return Eric Nam did the same.

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Amber andher friends are seriously Friendhip Goals…


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