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If life has done you wrong and you have, by any chance, missed this gem and don’t know what this drama is about- fasten your seat belts because you’re in for a ride.

Angry Mom is one of the best K-dramas I’ve come across. In a nutshell this drama is about a distraught mother who decides to attend her daughter’s school as a student when she discovers that her daughter is being bullied. Veering as far as possible from clichés and over-used plots, it stands as a true master-piece. It is full of amazing cinematic shots and extremely well-rounded and deep characters that are almost impossible to not fall in love with.
When I first read about this drama I was excited to see a mother try and act like a student and all the hilarity that would ensue. I was, however, disappointed in all the right ways. This drama was as dark as it was funny. The harsh and almost cruel life of a Korean student was brought out for everyone to see. Nothing was glossed over and everything remained raw. The first episode started with a very sad and depressing view of the society. Jo Kang Ja spends the entire episode trying to employ all the correct sources of help and failing miserably. It is then she takes the low road. While the drama starts on this pessimistic note, it does not remain so. It’s a roller-coaster of emotions ranging from heartbreak to pride to content.
Kim Hee Sun as Jo Kang Ja is one of the most accurately depicted mother. After all the controlling, possessive and generally terrible K-drama moms, this was a rather refreshing portrayal of a mother.  She is by far the most badass female character with just the right amounts of vulnerability and stubbornness mixed with unconditional love for her daughter. I like how they tell everyone her age is 19 and has heart conditions that aged her. So while it is hard to digest her as a high-school student, it’s not very unrealistic. She’s fun, strong, devoted and just a big ball of awesomeness.

There are certain moments of epiphanies you have while watching a K-drama. One of them is when you realise you are inexplicably in love with that drama and there’s no going back now. For me it came pretty early as the last
scene of the second episode:image.jpg1_zpsogqau16u

As the author from Dramabeans so eloquently puts it : Bully in one hand, wimp in the other. Badass in the middle.”


Two words : Eye Candy.

Go Bok Dong played by Ji Soo is not only one of my favourite characters from this drama but the entire Dramaland. He can’t be explained in mere words so I’ll just make sounds : Awwwwwwwwwwwww

Call me basic but boys like him make are the ones I want to take home:

  • Sad childhood with no parental figure: Check
  • Hard and cold on the outside but mushy on the inside: Check
  • Pining after an unattainable girl: Check
  • Great Hair: Check (sigh)
  • Stands up against the greatest fear to protect loved ones: Check
  • Smooth in general but flusters in front of his crush: Check

God, that boy breaks my heart. I could make a drinking game out of every time I wanted to go inside the screen to give him a hug.

Ji-Hyun Woo as Park No Ah

angrymom2-00425This, my friends is what pure innocence looks like.

angrymom11-00239And this is what it looks like after the innocence has been stripped away.


angry16-00847And finally this is what unrelenting hope looks like even against all odds.

While drama starts with a rather small (but significant) issue of  school bullying, it grows out to cover politics, corruption, suicides and everything in between. One of the things that struck me about this drama was that with the exception of a few, the characters are not shoved into the sharp lines of black and white. They all exist in gray and its complexities. You may hate characters like Joo Ae-yeon  but you will also forgive them. You will despise  Do Jung-woo  but you will also pity him . I think that’s where the beauty of his drama lies. By the end of it underdogs turn into heroes,  weaklings grow a backbone, unlikely allegiances are formed and the most satisfying of all- Good always wins over bad.
There are a lot of things you can take from this drama but one of the most of important of them is that  being powerful has very little to money and status and a lot to do with love and hope.

Another thing you can take is the Gong Joo’s superb fashion sense :


I mean look at her.

angry06-00754That hat, tho.



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