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AOA Choa reveals life before debut and more

On May 20th , AOA‘s CHOA appeared as a guest on MBC show “RADIO STAR” where she talked about life before debut and much more about her.

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After she failed auditions, She revealed that she worked part-time at a store  and was even part of central sales team. She also mentioned that she worked 12 hours a day and even came out no.1 in sales. She said  “The most I′ve earned is about five million won a month. Even after spending money on what I needed for a year, I saved about 20 million won,” continued Choa “I might have earned a lot of money at that time, but I found out that having lots of money didn′t mean happiness.”

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CHOA said she really wanted to be a singer when the SNSD members were trainees. She said “I got very jealous watching them, so I went to audition for SM Entertainment”
She also added “I failed their auditions 15 times. Then I auditioned for JYP Entertainement, but I was dropped at the final round.My family was extremely against it, so I went to audition on my own.”

She left the studio burst into laughter when she mentioned she isn’t much without makeup and that is why she is very thankful to fans inspite of which they still give her a lot of love.

CHOA passed the FNC entertainment auditions and debuted with AOA a.k.a Ace Of Angels in 2012.

SOURCE: enews world

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