AOA Cream Makes their Bright Debut with “I’m Jelly Baby”

AOA releases MV for "I'm Jelly Baby"!


AOA new subunit AOA Cream has finally made their much awaited debut with “I’m Jelly Baby”.

Chanmi, Hyejeong and Yuna have come together to form the new unit AOA Cream and after creating a lot of excitement among fans with their bright and bubbly teasers, the girls have finally released their debut music video.

“I’m Jelly Baby” talks of a girl feeling jealous of her boyfriend’s constant attention to another girl. Using bright visuals along with a magical and anime-like concept, the three girls take revenge on Hyejeong’s boyfriend who is cheating on her. And what better way to take revenge than with cute magic powers!! Watch the girls get back at the cheating boyfriend in the music video below.

AOA Cream is the second unit under AOA and is taking on a colourful concept much different from their usual sexier concepts.

Did you like AOA Cream’s “Im Jelly Baby”?


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