AOA To Endorse Hair Care Brand ‘Kerasys’


Girl’s group AOA has been picked as the latest endorsement model for the Hair clinic brand ‘Kerasys’. The girls will be promoting the hair care brand according to report released by the FNC Entertainment on April 1st.

Top actress like Han Hye-jin, Ko So-young, Han Chae-young and Hyepark who previously promoted the brand is now replaced with AOA.

According to the statement made by the spokesperson of the brand, AOA will take part in the promotions of the brands mainly targeting the youth with their free spirited, cheerful and youthful image.

Members have already begun shooting commercials and promoting the brand through social media and telemedia. The brand ‘Keresys’ is planning to launch products named after individual band members such has ‘Seolhyun Brown’ ,’Choa gold’ vice versa.

Kpop India

Kpop India


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