AOA’s Chanmi and VIXX’s N and Hongbin Cast for a New Web Drama!


AOA’s maknae and lead dancer Chanmi, and VIXX‘s leader N and vocalist Hongbin, have been cast as the leads for a new web drama, What’s Up With These Kids? (In the Korean title, the “what” is written to sound similar to the English word “money.”) Chanmi will be making her acting debut through this series, while Hongbin has previously starred in the dramas Glorious Days (2014), and Moorim School (2016). N has starred in dramas such as Hotel King (2014), The Family is Coming (2015), Cheer Up! (2015) and Tomorrow Boy (2016).

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Chanmi will be making her acting debut through this series

Chanmi has been cast as the female lead, her character is named Geum Hyera and attends a high school that focuses on teaching about finance. The drama will be a youth romance dealing with the relationships and financial problems of the high school students. Geum Hyera is the student council president and spends money like water, acting tough and cold to hide a hole in her heart.

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N (L) and Hongbin (R) have been cast in various dramas before

VIXX’s N and Hongbin play rivals in the drama. N will play Choi Geumson, who comes from a poor background but works to overcome it through his financial knowledge and his energetic personality, while Hongbin has been cast as Jin Sihwan, the troublemaker son of a wealthy family.

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Actress Jung Dabin has also been cast in the series

Actress Jung Dabin has also been cast in the drama, which is scheduled to air in October on Naver TV Cast.

Are you looking forward to the drama?


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