AoA’s ChoA releases MV for Solo Project “Flame”

Check out ChoA's Flame!


AoA’s main vocalist ChoA has finally released the full music video for her solo project “Flame”.


The video features ChoA passionately singing about her heartbreak and the burden that comes with not being able to forget and continuing to love the person. Following the somber tone of the song, the music video shares a story of a young vampire who seems haunted by all the killings she had to make in order to survive and she dreams of being able to walk freely in the sunlight without having to hide.  At the end the viewers sees that she decides to kill herself.

The music video is receiving many positive response as ChoA’s beautiful vocals has mesmerized everyone.

Originally sung by Jang Hye Jin in 2006, ‘Flame’ is part of a special remake album called ‘Project Re;turn’, and is a collaboration song between composer Kim Do Hoon and Producer PJ.


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