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Is AOA’s ChoA Secretly Jealous of Fellow Member Seolhyun?

On the December 17th episode of JTBC‘s, ‘Sing for You‘, AOA’s ChoA revealed that she is secretly jealous of fellow member Seolhyun.

Hong Kyungmin asked ChoA about her true feelings toward Seolhyun and whether or not she was jealous of the latter.

Taking the question rather lightly, ChoA admitted that she was quite jealous of Seolhyun for several reasons. She explained, “Even if I work hard and sleep less, it’s no use. I’m jealous of her body, and I could work 10 hours but still make less than she does in 1 hour.

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However, showing that there was no love lost between the two, ChoA lightened the mood by giving her answer in joking tone and making an exaggerated crying reaction to the pay discrepancy between the two.

Meanwhile, AOA’s last Korean comeback was with “Good Luck” in May:

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