Armys get ready for BTS [tracklist & more released]


BTS is no less when it comes to making their fan’s wanting for more. While they have just released flawless teaser images for their upcoming The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Pt. 2 which left the army’s spazzing left and right , they have now released the album tracklist, album preview video and also pre stream of one of their songs.

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The tracklist consist of nine tracks and BTS members Rap Monster, Suga, V, Jung Kook and J-Hope seems to have contributed  into the making of the album. 

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The album preview video  features few seconds of songs from tracklist and it has left all the army’s pumped up ready for BTS comeback.

Watch the teaser here if you haven’t:

BTS also shared with fans pre-streaming of the song “Ma city” which was produced by none other than the very own talented member Suga. Listen to it here : [Ma city]

Well, if all that was not enough than BTS is holding an open media exhibition from 1st december to 8th december.12241340_1173552492660011_8079780224400736114_n {kpop-india}Armys get ready for BTS [tracklist & more released]12241340 1173552492660011 8079780224400736114 nBTS will release their fourth mini album The Most Beautiful Moment in life pt.2 on 30th November 0am (KST). The MV  for  ‘Run’ will be released on BTS official YouTube channel.

Are you ready to make BTS comeback as the most beautiful moment in your life ?