Artist Spotlight: Man of Exuberance – Lee Hyuk Jae


“Be the reason someone smiles. Be the reason someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people.” –  Roy T. Bennett

The above quote is a perfect representation of the man I am going to introduce to you. A person layered with creamy talents with the kindest heart as a cherry on the top.

Lee Hyuk Jae mostly referred by his stage name, Eunhyuk debuted as the main dancer of one of the prestigious groups, Super Junior. Being one among the leading artists in the industry, Eunhyuk has always been a down to earth person giving his best as a performer and radiating happiness and hope to his fans as a sensible human.


The Proud Main Dancer

With no hesitation, we can boldly confess that Eunhyuk is one of the most phenomenal dancers for more than a decade. The artist can very well take away our breath with iconic dance breaks and solo stages. It makes more sense as Eunhyuk was part of a dance crew named SRD from a very young age and was taken in as a trainee for his prominent dancing skills. And today, we get to be treated by the idol’s charm as a performer.  His love and dedication for the art have rewarded him at its best, as he got to stage his talent in various stages and also be a personal choreographer to his group. Eunhyuk was also one of the directors of the survival show, Under Nineteen performance team along with Hwang Sang Hoon and Yunho.

After all, Eunhyuk’s performances have not only delighted his fans and admirers through the years but also his fellow teammates, as they always credit him for being a charmer while performing on stage.

Unsung Vocalist

It is true that every k-pop fan knew him as a rapper and performer but the long term Eunhyuk followers know him better as a singer. Despite not getting much spotlight to shine as a vocalist in his group, the artist has always expressed his love for singing and to play the role of a vocalist in the group.

Being a credited lyricist for the group and sub-unit, D&E, the singer has often expressed his interests on ballads by penning few of them. And further to compliment his love for melodies, Eunhyuk also got chances to delight his fans with his sweet voice during concerts and establish himself as a talented vocalist.  

D&E Enthusiast

EunHae shippers where you at?

The well-known and currently active sub-unit, D&E comprises of the duo, Eunhyuk and Donghae. The duo debuted in 2011 kept on gifting their fans with diverse albums and music videos, which indeed made them one of ELFs cherished units. And it is never an understatement to say that both the members themselves are so in love with the unit and their promotions together than their fans.

The two best friends have always tried their best trying to convince the other members to stan the duo and we get to see Eunhyuk’s desperate try with Shindong on SJ Returns, as he gifts him with a D&E album. If you haven’t received much content, then we have Super Junior’s latest appearance on Weekly Idol, where the duo synchronizes together to sing “Danger” passionately despite the chaotic situation they were in.

In the end, Eunhyuk loves and adores D&E sub-unit and nobody can question anymore.

The Beloved Jerry

Eunhyuk is one member who can be shipped with any member of the group, yet this special ship that every ELF is fond of would be YeHyuk. The relationship shared between Yesung and Eunhyuk is always considered with Tom & Jerry.

Eunhyuk can be both of a responsible and warm friend around Donghae and be the ultimate prankster with Yesung. Despite the little fights and quarrels during the camera roll, the duo has a deep bond to be shared and consider each other to be reliable friends. After all, we will all agree that those little teases are the ones that keep the group more lively and are our favourites to watch as funny moments.

A Ball of Happiness

Apart from all fun with his members, Eunhyuk himself radiates an ample amount of energy. With his witty humour sense and genuine love, he has always made sure to emit positivity and goodness to the people around him. The idol at his early 30s with more than 10 years of experience still is found to be active and full of energy. It is this quality of his that makes him more special and a reliable person among his members. His bright personality has paved the singer to be part of various reality shows. Eunhyuk is also one of the popular idols in the industry, as his approachable nature can make anybody feel right at home.

To be more biased, Eunhyuk’s smile can bless our day and keep the doctors away.

Victim of Pranks

If you have been following Super Junior for quite a long time, you would know what I am talking about. Whenever the group decides to pull a prank for the show, it is Eunhyuk being the victim of the day. Adding up to the number of hidden camera pranks in the earlier days, the members still enjoy teasing him in any given chance. But it is indeed a universal fact that every member dearly loves their member Eunhyuk and teasing him is one of their ways to shower him with their love.

Kind Hearted Human

Eunhyuk is truly one of those idols with the kindest heart. His compassion towards his members and fans are irreplaceable. The Eunhyuk we get to see during the hidden camera pranks can very well guarantee for the human he is.

The idol who always seems to be a carefree person is actually a deep and thoughtful person. The members themselves have confessed about Eunhyuk’s sincerity in various shows and one of the best examples to show off his true heart would be his recent donation for COVID-19.

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And it is this heart of compassion and tenderness that makes Eunhyuk who he is and we love him.

With great hopes of seeing him make more wonders as an artist and a member of Super Junior, we wish him a blessed happy birthday! Let us keep supporting our rockstar, Eunhyuk!


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