Artist Spotlight: PDX’s National Leader – Han Seungwoo


From being the warmest leader to the sexiest performer, Han Seungwoo has a lot more to show the world.

Having debuted in 2016 as a member of VICTON, a septet formed under Plan A Entertainment, Han Seungwoo has caused a notable impression among his fans both as an artist and a genuine human being.

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Being one among the unsung artists in the industry, Seungwoo, along with his teammate Choi Byungchan, competed as trainees on PRODUCE X 101 survival show. The astounding performance and hard-work made him inevitable among the producers, making him debut as one of the eleven chosen members of X1.

Singer, Rapper, What Not?

Seungwoo debuted as the main vocalist of X1 and considered as the vocal God of PRODUCE X 101 series is actually one of the lead rappers of VICTON. The singer can be seen as a swagger throwing out rapid rap verses at his audience before enrolling himself as a trainee on the survival show. Adding to that, he has a superior aura and is also a stellar when it comes to stage performances. It is indeed surprising when the artist, seen as a vocalist in a pale sweater mellowing the lyrics of “Me After You” is also the same man in black, being the sexiest performer of “U Got It” stage.

The fact that his fellow teammates adore him for his stage presence is a best example. As the man of few words is actually the owner of such jaw-dropping talents.

The Fine Leader

Seungwoo can be considered as one of the fine leaders in the industry. Being the eldest in the group, he gives his fullest in order to root for his members. Not to forget that even after his debut as a X1 member, Seungwoo made sure to send a video message to his fellow VICTON members and ALICE (the fandom of VICTON) during their fan meet.

A prominent leader is known for encouraging and pushing his fellow members forward to work harder, and with no doubt, Seungwoo inherits such qualities in him. Such qualities raised him as the leader of VICTON, U GOT IT team of PRODUCE X 101 and finally X1.

The Compassionate Father

The singer not only plays the role of the leader, his compassionate love towards his members makes him the loving father of the group.

During his time in the show, Seungwoo was fondly called “Appa” by Dongpyo, which gave the duo the global recognition as the father and son of PRODUCE X 101, but his role as a father started way before the program, as he had six children to be taken care of in VICTON. Presently, his generous affection has branched out to a few more, adding up ten more and making it sixteen in number. Note, as Donpyo proclaimed, he still remains as his favourite son.

The Atlas of the Group

Being the leader and father, Seungwoo is prone to be the Atlas (who according to the Greek Mythology holds up the sky to prevent it from falling on the Earth) of the group taking up all responsibilities and blames on himself. There are a number of times, we see fellow members including the youngest worrying about this particular behavior of his. They even complain about him for not expressing his sufferings despite his pain and struggle.

Though the practice of carrying every responsibility to oneself is one of the harmful traits, it is one of the distinguished qualities that make Seungwoo of who he is.

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Mr. Know it All

As the oldest member of both the groups, Seungwoo is a man with a hand full of advice to bestow upon his members. During X1’s appearance on the K-pop League show, Eunsang addressed Seungwoo as a man of wisdom who can give any piece of advice, solution and also comfort to his members. Perhaps the experiences gained by being a trainee for a number of years and life lessons learnt help him be one of the most reliable and a renowned member of the group.

Cuddly Bear

The broad shoulders and gigantic figure of the artist may despise you to think him of as a tough person. But when we get to know him better, we get to see the softest and warmest spot of his. He is indeed a huge cuddly bear who loves cuddling with his members.

His cuddles and hugs are well-known among ALICE, and is getting its attention among the One Its too. It has actually become a custom for members to recoil at Seungwoo’s skin-ships initially and later get fond of it. And yes, Seungwoo is allowed to give as many kisses and hugs to his members as he wants.

A Loving Son And Brother

Apart from being a hard-working idol and leader, Seungwoo has always been a loving son to his parents and brother to his sister.

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Seungwoo even mentioned that his first tattoo on his shoulder is a symbol of his gratitude to his parents for giving him this life. He also confessed that he started singing and dreamt of becoming an idol by looking at his sister, Han Sunhwa. Above all, when given three wishes for his life, he chose his family’s health as one of them, making him one of the loveliest son and brother one could have.

With the help of PRODUCE X 101 and X1, a wider range of people have finally started recognizing this gem. Such sweet qualities compiled and put together in his adorable personality brings out our Han Seungwoo.

With great hopes to see him rocket to the sky, we wish him a blessed and happy birthday!


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