ASTRO Performs ‘Hide and Seek’ On MBC Show Champion + Official Fan club Announced

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After pulling off seven years of sweat with a grueling training period under their agency Fantagio Music the boys of ASTRO have finally debuted with their mini album Spring Up.’ The boys went on to perform both OK Ready and their title track Hide and Seek on MBC’s Show Champion which was also their debut stage after the showcase.

ASTRO shall go on to promote their debut mini album in the coming days through music stations, music shows and other broadcasts. The mini album contains five tracks – Ok Ready, Hide and Seek (title track), Puppy Love, Morning Call and Puss in Boots. The boys indeed managed to pull off their cute concept with their debut stage that also suits their age. Check out their debut stage at Show Champion below.

ASTRO debuted while holding a showcase on February 23rd at Gwangjin-gu, Seoul which was also broadcasted live via Naver’s V App. ASTRO’s debut showcase saw an overwhelming response from the people who were attending the showcase depicting the group’s popularity.

It was at this showcase that ASTRO announced their official fan club name – AROHA!! The fan club name AROHA stands for ‘AstRO Hearts All fans’ taking all capital syllables bringing out a beautiful meaning. The word also means love in Maori which is a native New Zealand language.

Kpop India {kpop-india}ASTRO Performs ‘Hide and Seek’ On MBC Show Champion + Official Fan club AnnouncedASTRO

Kpop India {kpop-india}ASTRO Performs ‘Hide and Seek’ On MBC Show Champion + Official Fan club AnnouncedASTRO1

ASTRO have been incredibly popular prior to their debut, all thanks to a neat marketing plan. They appeared in hugely popular web drama ‘To Be Continued’ in August last year inviting a lot of attention. Moreover their connection with their fans grew immensely while they held fan meets every month in the second half of last year. They are also starring in their reality show ‘ASTRO, OK! Ready’  leading up to their debut. For more information on ASTRO follow their official facebook here.

Its getting super hard for us to pick our biases, did you mange to find your bias in the ASTRO boys yet?

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