ASTRO Releases All TRACK Medley From Their Debut Mini Album!

Kpop India

ASTRO has already taken their fans to another galaxy ever since their web drama ‘To be continued’ and now , currently on reality show ‘ASTRO, OK! Ready’ . With their debut date coming round the corner, the release of teaser image  and teaser video was just enough to shoot arrows in the hearts of fans.

Now, ASTRO ‘s agency Fantagio Music has uploaded a highlight medley which has all the five tracks jammed up into one video.

ASTRO ‘s mini debut album is titled as “Spring Up”  and consists of five tracks Ok! Ready To Go!, Innocent Love’ , Puss In Boots, and Morning Call including title track Hide And Seek. 

Check out the Video below:

February 23rd roll by soon! Who else is anticipating along with us?




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