Audio Teaser for HyunA’s ‘ A’wesome’


Just 3 days to countdown on HyunA’s Fifth mini-album release date for ” A’wesome “.

Two sets of Image teasers have already been out in the past couple weeks along with her track list and now we finally get a glimpse on the audio check.

Here is the video to HyunA’s audio teasers  for ” A’wesome ”


The first track ” You & Me ” has a very upbeat and pop touch with futuristic keyboard to the track, sounds like a song you and your crew would start the day with. The title track ” How’s is it ? ” has more Hip-hop feel to it along with ” Do it! “, up-beat and hoping for a good choreo. Whereas ” 4th track ” Morning glory ” will remind you of old-school R&B and smooth sensation like ‘TLC’. 5th track ” Seduction ” has a strong and on point beat and lastly the 6th track ” Wolf ” has a slow and R&B production allowing her to showcase her vocals more in lower range giving HyunA extra vocal brownie points.

Over-all, the album seems like an EDM but we will just have to wait for 1st 00:00KST for the full version of the tracks for more and in depth review.


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