B.A.P Filming One Fine Day in Hawaii

Kpop India

Reality variety shows are a popular form of getting to know one’s favourite idols. It provides their natural charms in the most down-to-earth setting. We get to know how our idols are in their everday life – through these fun variety shows.

One Fine Day is a travel-type variety show which has featured several boygroups and girlgroups up till now, to present an unseen image of the idols to their fans. The groups who’ve taken part in One Fine Day till now are VIXX, BIA44, Girl’s Day, GFriend and AOA to name some.

Looks like B.A.P is next in line, and filming in Hawaii for their season of the famous variety show!

B.A.P is a 5 year old boygroup from TS Entertainment, making a trademark in the K-Pop world for their ‘warrior’ like rock influenced sounds. With their comeback of ‘Carnival’ they took a fresh and colourful approach to their music, and showed a cute side that was appropriate for the Spring release of their album. After 5 years together, B.A.P’s Babyz might be curious about how much they’ve grown and changed, right?

Take a look at the preview for B.A.P upcoming season for One Fine Day!



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