B.A.P Releases Individual Poster For ‘New World Tour ‘

Bang Yongguk 'Feel So Good' Poster

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B.A.P has unveiled the first individual poster for ‘B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour’.

On February 14th the TS Entertainment has dropped the Solo poster of B.A.P leader Bang Yong Guk for their upcoming ‘B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour’.

In the Solo Poster, leader Yong Guk posed charismatically,  looking natty in a complete black outfit with a glare strong enough to break the camera. Along with the individual poster, the slogan ‘Beat N Bear’ was revealed which means ‘to win and to endure’ with the motive of Bang Yong Guk’s initial B.

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B.A.P’s record label TS Entertainment stated, “Although they are planning to visit only five continents , the 2016 world tour expresses B.A.P’s desire to take over the world with music.” Starting with Bang Yong Guk , each member’s solo poster will be revealed daily.

Also the title name for the upcoming fifth mini album ‘CARNIVAL’ has been decided to be ‘Feel So Good’, which will released at 12 AM  on 22nd February 2016. ‘Feel So Good’ includes jazzy rhythm and fast beat along with many other visible elements, while Yong Guk taking part in songwriting and production gained more attention for the upcoming album .

B.A.P previously performed in America and Asia in 2013 as part of their Pacific tour, and then performed in 4 continents in the later year. Their 2016 world tour will be held across 5 continents including South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Australia, where they will hold 30 concerts across 15 countries , expecting to greet and entertain around 200,000 global fans with this tour.

Being the first worldwide concert tour , especially after such a long hiatus the members are getting ready with energetic performance and powerful dance to thrill their fans.

Meanwhile ‘B.A.P Live On Earth 2016 World Tour’ will start from Seoul on February 20th and 21st at the SK Olympic Handball Gymnasium.

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